Fiber Optic Medical Pressure Sensor - FOP-M260

1) High accuracy
2) EM/RF/MW interference complete immunity
3) Miniature and rugged sensor for in situ pressure measurements

  • Model Number: FOP-M260
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Fiber Optic Medical Pressure Sensor
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Product Specification

FOP-M260 Fiber Optic Medical Pressure Sensor APPLICATION

Cardiovascular: LV pressure, arterial BP
Pharmacology: Drug and Fluid injection
Neurosciences: Intracranial pressure
Spine - Intradiscal pressure
Bone - Intramedullary pressure
Urology - Bladder/Ureter pressure
MRI RFI Gating - Arterial blood pressure or LV pres-sure for image gating
Respiratory / Pulmonology
Otorhinolaryngology: Inner ear pressure
Ophthalmology: Intraocular pressure
Gastro intestinal

FOP-M260 Fiber Optic Medical Pressure Sensor SPECIFICATIONS

Pressure Range 1 
-300mmHg to 300mmHg
Resolution 2 
System Accuracy 3
Zero thermal effect 4
Proof pressure
Cable Sheathing
Nylon Sheathing, OD: 0.9 mm
Tip Termination 
Bare / Sheathed / Sheathed with gel / Custom design
Standard Sensor Length 
2 Meters

SCAI, SCAI is a SCA connector with smart chip communi-cating

calibrating data to the signal reading module

1. Relative to atmospheric pressure

2. With a FPI-HS reading module and a filter of 30Hz applied.
3. M260 sensor and FPI-HR module : includes reproducibility (sensor/module exchange), repeatability andhysteresis, non-linearity, scale error, offset error, conditioner temperature compensation error.
4. Determined between 10°C and 70°C at atmospheric pressure (∼760mmHg)

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