Pre-Calibrated Combustible Gas Sensor Module - FSM-BP-01

• Gas sensor: TGS2610-D00(Semiconductor)
• Detection range: 0 ~ 4,000ppm H2
• Error: ±300ppm
• Response time (T90): ≤30S
• Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ +70°C
• Operating Humidity: 20~95%RH (No condensing)
• Input voltage: 5.0±0.2V DC
• Power consumption: ≤1.5W

  • Model Number: FSM-BP-01
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Pre-Calibrated Combustible Gas Sensor Module
  • Pre-Calibrated Combustible Gas Sensor Module
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Product Specification

FSM-BP-01 Combustible Gas Sensor Module Description
FSM-BP-01 is pre-calibrated module for LPG gas alarm which applies TGS2610-D00 sensor together, it features durability and stability. The module outputs PWM signal which is proportional to LPG gas concentration (The module has a memory which is stored with factory calibration data), also is capable of detecting sensor wire breakage and short. The module can operate at wide temperature from -10~70°C. 

Furthermore, the unit is less sensitivity to VOCs gas, it immunes poison by silicon compounds, it suits to work at rugged environment.

FSM-BP-01 Combustible Gas Sensor Module Features
• PWM, USART digital output proportional to gas concentration
• Maintain Free
• Compact size, low cost
• Meets RoHS requirement

FSM-BP-01 Combustible Gas Sensor Module Applications:
* Detect flammable gas leakage
* Flammable gas leakage Detector
* Industrial detector

FSM-BP-01 Combustible Gas Sensor Module Specification

Product name

Combustible gas sensor module

Model No.


Gas sensor


Detection range

0 ~ 4,000ppm H2 
(also can detect methane, iso-butane, and propane)



Output voltage (Vconc)



Trouble:H, Normal:L

Response time (T90)


Operating conditions

-10˚C ~+70°C, 20~95%RH(No condensing)

Storage conditions

-10°C ~+80°C, 20~95%RH

Input voltage (VIN)

5.0±0.2V DC

Power consumption



15g or less



Standard test conditions

Ambient conditions

20±2°C, 65±5%RH

Circuit conditions


Conditioning period prior to test

≥10 minutes

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