LuminOx Fluorescence PPM O2 Sensor - LuminOx O2 PPM

• Supply voltage: 8-30V DC
• Supply current: <15mA Average; <50mA Peak
• Output Type: RS232
• Operating Temperature: -30℃ to +60℃
• Humidity: 0-99% Rh (non-condensing)
• Oxygen range: 0-1000ppm
• Oxygen pressure range: 0-1200µbar ppO2

  • Model Number: LuminOx O2 PPM
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • LuminOx Fluorescence PPM O2 Sensor
  • LuminOx Fluorescence PPM O2 Sensor
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Product Specification

LuminOx Fluorescence PPM O2 Sensors Features
• Fluorescence–based optical technology
• Contains no hazardous materials; RoHS & REACH compliant
• Factory calibrated
• High accuracy
• Maintenance free
• Long life, non-depleting technology - can be stored in any oxygen %

LuminOx Fluorescence PPM O2 Sensors Benefits
• Low power, long life due to non-depleting sensing principle
• Compact footprint

LuminOx Fluorescence PPM O2 Sensors Technical Specifications

Supply voltage (Vs)  8-30V DC 
Supply current (ls)  <15mA Average; <50mA Peak
Output Type  RS232
   Operating:  -30℃ to +60℃
   Storage:  -30℃ to +60℃
Humidity  0-99% Rh (non-condensing)
Barometric pressure range  260-1260mbar

LuminOx PPM Fluorescence O2 Sensors Output Values

Oxygen range  0-1000ppm
Oxygen pressure range  0-1200µbar ppO2
Response time T90  < 30s (typical)
   ppO2  < 2% FS
   Temperature  Indication only
   Pressure  ±5mbar
   O2  Determined by ppO2 & pressure accuracy
   ppO2  1mbar
   Temperature  0.1℃
   Pressure  1µbar
   O2  1ppm
Lifetime  > 5 years

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