4-20mA Dissolved Oxygen Transmitters - DOMA-10/DOMA-20

• Allows for in-line or submersion DO monitoring with 4-20mA output
• Simple to use: two-wire loop powered
• Completely encapsulated/Waterproof
• Galvanically isolated

  • Model Number: DOMA-10/DOMA-20
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • 4-20mA Dissolved Oxygen Transmitters
  • 4-20mA Dissolved Oxygen Transmitters
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Product Specification

DOMA-10 and DOMA-20 4-20mA Dissolved Oxygen Transmitters

Item No.: DOMA-10, DOMA-20

DOMA-10 and DOMA-20 Dissolved Oxygen Transmitters Features
• Allows for in-line or submersion DO monitoring with 
4-20mA output - using DO1200/H (sold separately)
• Simple to use: two-wire loop powered
• Completely encapsulated/Waterproof
• Galvanically isolated

DOMA-10 and DOMA-20 Dissolved Oxygen Transmitters Description
The Dissolved Oxygen Probe consists of a cathode, anode and an electrolyte which are separated from the process fluid by an oxygen permeable membrane. the oxygen passing through the membrane reacts with the cathode, giving up electrons, which in return produces an electrical current. customers may connect the dissolved oxygen sensor to a PLc or another device that requires a 4-20mA input signal. the DOMA transmitter provides this capability in a low cost and simple package. the built-in electronic circuit converts the DO1200/h sensor’s millivolt signal to a 4-20mA signal. two ranges are available: DOMA-10 (0-100% = 4-20mA) and DOMA-20 (0-200% = 4-20mA). 

A separate 12-36-V Dc power supply (user supplied) is required to power each DOMA.

DOMA-10 and DOMA-20 Dissolved Oxygen Transmitters Performance Specifications

  Output at 100% Saturation
  Output at 0% Saturation
  Output at 100% Saturation
  Output at 200% Saturation
  Output at 0% Saturation

DOMA-10 and DOMA-20 Dissolved Oxygen Transmitters Ordering Information

Part No
Blind 4-20mA tranmitter for DO1200/H sensors, 4-20mA = 0-100% O2 saturation
Blind 4-20mA tranmitter for DO1200/H sensors, 4-20mA = 0-200% O2 saturation

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