Ammonia (NH3) Gas Detector - AR8500

• Detection of gas: Ammonia ( NH3 )
• Measuring range: 0~100PPM​
• Resolution: 0.1PPM
• Basic error: 0.5PPM
• Response time: Less than 120 seconds
• Recovery time: Less than 120 seconds
• Repeatability: Less than ± 1%
• Battery: 3 x 1.5V AA Battery​

  • Model Number: AR8500
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Ammonia (NH3) Gas Detector
  • Ammonia (NH3) Gas Detector
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Product Specification

AR8500 Ammonia Gas Detector Product description:
Ammonia analyzer is a continuous quantitative analysis of formaldehyde concentration apparatus, the apparatus using imported high precision electrochemical principle formaldehyde sensor, fast response speed, high precision, of its stability, good repeatability.

The apparatus is widely used in metallurgy, power plant, farms, mines, chemical, scientific research, medical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other fields.

Ammonia concentration detector, gas detector, gas leak detector

Characteristics of the instrument:
• Adopt imported abroad electrochemical sensor
• Big screen for multiple parameters of LCD backlight display, visual display unit, gas concentration, working state
• The two grade dual alarm settings, the outstanding audio sound alarm, voice of up to 80 dB
• The service life of the sensor: 2 years(it can be replaced)
• Power supply: 3X1.5V AA battery
• Battery service life: about 100 hours of continuous use (when the backlight is off).
• Size: 182*66*32(mm)

AR8500 Ammonia Gas Detector Application:
• Farms, animal farm ammonia detection;
• Ambient air monitoring and evaluation,
• Landfill ammonia detection;
• Frozen field ammonia concentration;
• Dangerous space into the detection;
• Shop and workshop etc and the surrounding places ammonia detection;
• After decorating the house ammonia detection;
• Storage tanks, pipelines, valves, leakage detection;
• Waste field survey

AR8500 Ammonia Gas Detector Technical parameters

Detection of gas
Ammonia ( NH3 )
Measuring range
Basic error
Response time
Less than 120 seconds
Recovery time
Less than 120 seconds
Less than ± 1%
The principle of sensor
Electrochemical principle, life for two years
3 x 1.5V AA Battery
Large screen liquid crystal display
To alarm
Acoustic, optical double alarm, can set the alarm value, 
an alarm sound is divided into 80 dB
Working temperature
-20 ~ 50 ℃
Working humidity
0-95%RH ( Non Gel)

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