Combustible Gas Leak Detector - CD200

• Power Supply​: 4 AA Alkaline batteries​
• Battery life​: Approx. 12 hours​
• Sensor: Solid state semiconductor​
• Sensitivity: < 50ppm Methane​
• Warm-Up: Approx. 1 minute​
• Response time: < 2 seconds (to 40%LEL)​
• Recovery time: < 4 seconds (from 40%LEL)​

  • Model Number: CD200
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Combustible Gas Leak Detector
  • Combustible Gas Leak Detector
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Product Specification

CD200 Combustible Gas Leak Detector
The CD200 is small, easy to use and has a 18" long flexible gooseneck with a bright LED tip to find combustible gas leaks in tight areas.

CD200 Combustible Gas Leak Detector Features

• Adjustable tick rate to locate leaks quickly and easily
• Visual leak detection by LED indicators
• Separate user adjustable alarm for predetermined level detection
• Precision sensor detects even the smallest leaks
• Red LED located on the tip to illuminate the search area
• Fast response time (<2 seconds to 40%LEL)
• Small and light
• Earphone
• Impact resistant storage cas

CD200 Combustible Gas Leak Detector Partial list of gases detected:
Acetone, Alcohol, Ammonia, Butane, Gasoline, Halon, Hyydrogen Sulfide, Industrial Solvents, Jet Fuel, Laquer Thinners, Naphta, Natural Gas, Propane, Select Refrigerants ... and more

CD200 Combustible Gas Leak Detector Specifications

Power Supply
4 AA Alkaline batteries
Battery life
Approx. 12 hours
Solid state semiconductor
< 50ppm Methane
Approx. 1 minute
Response time
< 2 seconds (to 40%LEL)
Recovery time
< 4 seconds (from 40%LEL)
8.6" x 3.1" x 2.3" (220x80x58 mm)
18" (45cm)
Level Indicators
Audible: adjustable tick
Visual: Six LEDs (green to red)

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