Compact CO Sensor - TGS5141

Target gas Carbon monoxide
Typical detection range 0 ~ 10,000 ppm
Output current in CO 1.4~ 3.2 nA/ppm

  • Model Number: TGS5141
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Compact CO Sensor
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Product Specification

TGS5141 is a UL recognized component in accordance with the requirements of UL 2034.

Mounting options for TGS5141

No lead pin is connected to the standard TGS5141 sensor. A socket is necessary for electrical contact between the sensor and a circuit board.
Sockets are to be chosen and sourced by customers. FIGARO does not suggest specific sockets to use.

Lead pin configurations in horizontal and/or vertical positions are under consideration.

Specifications and Operating Conditions

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