Dew Point Sensor - NP330-G

• Inline transmitter designed to measure the absolute moisture in gases, in °C dew / frost point (optional ppmW / ppmV)
• Programmable switching output as alarm signal
• Calibrated against cooled mirror dew point meter
• Quality assurance of air-drying systems
• Cost savings during the drying process
• Can be delivered as OEM product

  • Model Number: NP330-G
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Dew Point Sensor
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Product Specification

Measuring trace humidity in gases

The dew point sensor NP330-G for trace moisture measurement in gases is a 4-20 mA transmitter for measuring absolute humidity in °C dew point or frost point (optional ppmW/ppmV). The measuring range of the sensor covers both, high humidity and trace humidity. The standard measuring range is -80°C FP to +20°C DP (other measuring ranges on request).

The integrated RS232 interface is used for data output and configuration of the sensor. The switching output of the sensor is also programmed via this access.

The high media compatibility creates a wide field of application possibilities as an online measuring device for various gases and gas mixtures. The sensor is used in industrial measurement technology for control, monitoring and quality assurance of air and gas conditioning.

Due to its wide measuring range, the sensor is used for monitoring and controlling refrigeration and adsorption dryers. The NP330-G ensures the quality of air drying systems in production processes and saves energy costs during drying.


Multipoint calibration (over 60 points)

Temperature compensation

High measuring accuracy

Short response times

High pressure and shock resistance

High medium compatibility

Also available for mil ranges

Diverse display, transmission and evaluation options

Mechanical extensions available for different immersion depths (120 mm and 430 mm)

Calibration certificate according to DIN EN ISO/IEC17025:2018-03


Application fields among others

Monitoring of air preparation facilities

Dryer control (refrigeration dryer,adsorption dryer, etc.) Monitoring of compressors

Monitoring of laboratories/research facilities

Production of synthetic materials

Stock & container control

Paper & textile industry

Building services engineering(heating, ventilation, air conditioning)

Battery cell production

Pharmaceutical industry

Food industry

Residual moisture measurement in gases



Table display

Mobile data logger P005

Sensor chamber

Sensor connection cable

1/2 -inch thread adaptor

PC software autocali


Technical Data

Measuring range dew/frost point

-80 dp to +20 dp(other ranges on request)

Operating temperature

-20to +60

Current output


Serial interface


Switching output

24 V DC / max. 70mA


18-28 V DC / max. 70mA

Protection type




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