Dew Sensor for Detect Dew Condensation - SY-DS-1L

• Rated Voltage: DC AC 0.8V max
• Operating temperature: 0 ~ ±60°C
• Operating humidity: 0~100%RH
• Storage Condition range: -20 ~ 85°C
• Small and light
• High response and reliable
• Dew detection high sensitivity and accuracy

  • Model Number: SY-DS-1L
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Dew Sensor for Detect Dew Condensation
  • Dew Sensor for Detect Dew Condensation
  • Dew Sensor for Detect Dew Condensation
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Product Specification

SY-DS-1L Dew Sensor Description
Dew sensors SY-DS series are capable of detecting and/or forecasting dew condensation by the change of resistance of the sensor. 

SY-DS-1L Dew Sensor Features
• Small, Light
• High sensitivity under high-humidity condition
• Switching function
• Quick response
• High reliability and stability

SY-DS-1L Dew Sensor Applications

• Electron
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Food processing
• Warehouses
• Tobacco
• Textil
• Weather

SY-DS-1L Dew Sensor Electrical Characteristics

Rated Voltage
DC AC 0.8V max 
Operating temperature range
0 ~ ±60°C
Operating humidity range
0 ~ 100%RH 
Storage Condition range
-20 ~ 85°C
Standard characteristic
a) 10 ㏀ Max. at 80%RH
b) 100 ㏀ Max. at 94%RH
C) 200 ㏀ Max. at 98%RH

SY-DS-1L Dew Sensor Outline Drawing Dimensions

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