Dewing Sensor - HDS10

• Power supply voltage: ​0.8V DC (safety voltage)​
• Using the temperature range: 1~80 °C
• Use the humidity range: 1~100%RH
• Condensation test range: 94~100%RH
• Response speed
• Work under dc voltage
• High reliability

  • Model Number: HDS10
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Dewing Sensor
  • Dewing Sensor
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Product Specification

HDS10 Dewing Sensor Product overview
HDS10 dewing sensor is feature stype switch element, Is not sensitive to low humidity and only to high humidity sensitive, can work under dc voltage, stable quality, reliability, reached the international advanced level.

HDS10 Dewing Sensor Applied The scope
Electronic, pharmaceutical, food, storage, tobacco, textile, meteorological industry. 
Temperature and humidity table, humidifier, dehumidifier, air conditioner, microwave ovens and other products.

HDS10 Dewing Sensor Product highlights
• Response speed
• Strong ability to resist pollution
• Work under dc voltage
• High reliability
• Good stability and 
• High humidity environment has a very high sensitivity

HDS10 Dewing Sensor Product parameters

The power supply voltage
0.8V DC (safety voltage)
Using the temperature range
1~80 °C
Use the humidity range
Condensation test range

HDS10 Dewing Sensor Features parameters
Test conditions
Resistance value
75%RH       25°C
10KΩ Max

93%RH       25°C
70KΩ Max

100%RH     60°C
200KΩ Max
Response speed
25°C, 60%RH → 60°C, 100%RH
Less than 5 seconds
Temperature cycle
-40°C, 30 minutes ~ 85°C30 minutes 5 cycle Relative humidity Resistance value
The high temperature      85°C, 2000 hours

Low temperature             -40°C, 2000 hours

Low temperature             40°C, 5%RH, 2000 hours

The high temperature 40°C90~95%RH, 2000 hours 25℃ 75%RH 20KΩ Max
High humidity load
40°C, 90~95%RH,  DC 0.8V 2000 hours 25°C  93%RH  90~100 KΩ
Condensation cycle
25°C, 60%RH, 57 minutes                      60°C

25°C, 100%RH, 3 minutes 2000 time      100%RH 

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