Honeywell HIH-4010/4020/4021 Series Humidity Sensors - HIH-4010,HIH-4020,HIH4021

Molded thermoset plastic housing
Near linear voltage output vs %RH
Laser trimmed interchangeability
Low power design
Enhanced accuracy
Fast response time
Stable, low drift performance
Chemically resistant

  • Model Number: HIH-4010,HIH-4020,HIH4021
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Honeywell HIH-4010/4020/4021 Series Humidity Sensors
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Product Specification

The HIH-40104020/4021 Series Humidity Sensors aredesigned specifically for high volume OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) users.

Direct input to a controller or other device is made possible bythis sensor’s near linear voltage output. With a typical current draw of only 200 µA, the HIH-4010/4020/4021 Series is oftenideally suited for low drain, battery operated systems.

Tight sensor interchangeability reduces or eliminates OEMproduction calibration costs. Individual sensor calibration datais available.

The HIH-4010/4020/4021 Series delivers instrumentationqualityRH (Relative Humidity) sensing performance in acompetitively priced, solderable SIP (Single In-line Package).

The HIH-4010 is an uncovered integrated humidity sensor, the HIH-4020 is a covered integrated circuit humidity sensor, and the HIH-4021 is a covered, condensation-resistant, integratedcircuit humidity sensor. All three products are available in two lead space configurations.

The RH sensor is a laser trimmed, thermoset polymercapacitive sensing element with on-chip integrated signal conditioning.

The sensing element's multilayer construction provides excellent resistance to most application hazards such as wetting, dust, dirt, oils and common environmental chemicals. Both products are available in two lead spacing configurations, as well as with or without calibration and data printouts.

• Molded thermoset plastic housing
• Near linear voltage output vs %RH
• Laser trimmed interchangeability
• Low power design
• Enhanced accuracy
• Fast response time
• Stable, low drift performance
• Chemically resistant

• Refrigeration equipment
• HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment
• Medical equipment
• Drying
• Metrology
• Battery-powered systems
• OEM assemblies

PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS (At 5 Vdc supply and 25 ºC [77 ºF] unless otherwise noted.)

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