Honeywell HIH-4602-L Series Humidity Sensors - HIH-4602-L

Near linear voltage output vs %RH
Laser-trimmed interchangeability
Enhanced accuracy, fast response
Chemically resistant
Stable, low drift performance
Built-in static protection
TO-5 can

  • Model Number: HIH-4602-L
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Honeywell HIH-4602-L Series Humidity Sensors
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Product Specification


HIH-4602-L Series Relative Humidity (RH) sensors are designed to deliver RH sensing in a rugged, low-cost slotted TO-5 can.

The laser-trimmed, thermoset polymer capacitive sensing elements have on-chip integrated signal conditioning, helping to reduce product development times.

A typical current draw of only 200 μA allows use in batterypowered systems.

HIH-4602-L-CP sensors include a calibration and data printout to allow individually matched downstream electronics and ±3.5 %RH total accuracy.


• Near linear voltage output vs %RH
• Laser-trimmed interchangeability
• Enhanced accuracy, fast response
• Chemically resistant
• Stable, low drift performance
• Built-in static protection
• TO-5 can


• Refrigeration
• Drying
• Meteorology
• Battery-powered systems
• OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) assemblies

Performance Specifications (At 5 Vdc supply and 25 ºC [77 ºF] unless otherwise noted.) 

HIH-4602-L Series

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