Humidity and Temperature Sensor - HCT01

• Nominal capacitance: 70 pF
• Sensitivity: 0.25 pF /% RH
• Working Humidity range: 0...100% RH
• Working Temperature range: -40...140°C (-40...284°F)
• Hysteresis: < 1.85%
• Respons time t63: ≤ 6s
• Maximum DC voltage: < 0.3V

  • Model Number: HCT01
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Humidity and Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity and Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity and Temperature Sensor
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Product Specification

HCT01 Humidity and Temperature Sensor Description
HCT01 humidity/temperature sensors combine high quality, long time approved thin-film sensor technology simple processability and the possibility of a cost-efficient integration into customer application.

The pre-adjusted capacitive E+E humidity sensorelement saves complicated and time-consuming humidity adjustment. Highly accurate thin-film elements are used for the temperature measurement – a must for precise dew point determination.

The DFN packaging guarantees maximum mechanical sensor protection and enables reflow soldering. A protective film on the surface of the humidity sensor ensures extensive protection against contamination like dust, salt or chemical deposit.

Depending on the individual application, accuracy requirements and existing interface electronics, different cost-saving evaluation circuitries are available. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists for further information and design-in support.

HCT01 Humidity and Temperature Sensor Features
• RH and T sensor in one package
• RH adjusted
• Mature humidity sensor technology
• High temperature accuracy
• Reflow solderable
• Integrated dust filter
• Standardized DFN package

HCT01 Humidity and Temperature Sensor Technical Data

Humidity Element
Humidity Element
humidity: 0...100% RH
temperature: -40...140°C (-40...284°F)
Nominal capacitance C0
70 pF
Accuracy RH at 30°C
HCT01-00:  non adjusted (C0: 70±7 pF)
HCT01-02:  ±2% RH (20...80% RH)  ±3% RH (0...90% RH)
HCT01-03:  ±3% RH (20...80% RH)  ±4.5% RH (0...90% RH)
0.25 pF /% RH
Temperature dependence
dC = -0,00083*RH(T-30°C) [pF]
< 1.85%
Long term stability
drift < 0.5% / year
Maximum supply voltage (no DC voltage)
5V max (Upp)
Maximum DC voltage
< 0.3V
Parallel Resistance
Rp ≥ 100 MΩ
Serial Resistance
Rs ≤ 1200 Ω
Respons time
t63 ≤ 6s
Material housing
plated Cu lead-frame and green epoxy-based compound
fully RoHS and WEEE compliant
Lead finish
Sensor protection
E+E coatin
Storage temperature
-40..55°C  (-40...131°F)
5x5x0.95 mm
tape and reel

Temperature Element
Nominal resistance (at 25°C /  77°F)
R25 = 1000 Ohm
R0 = 1000 Ohm
dt = ±[0.2+0.008 * (t-25)] K
Respons time
t63 ≤ 6s

R = R0 * (1+A*t+B*t2)
R0 = 928.73 Ohm
A = 0.0030659
B = 3.41*10 -7
acc. EN60751
Maximum continuous current (tLL A UL )
0.1mA (Icont)
Maximum current 
1mA (Imax)
Self heating
0.35 K/mW

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