Humidity and Temperature Transmitter - CAEL-HH

▪ ​Heating for avoid condensed
▪ 0 … 100%RH measurement,
▪ Temperature range up to +120°C
▪ Probe pressure up to 10 bar
▪ IP-65 housing
▪ 1-point user adjustment

  • Model Number: CAEL-HH
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
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Product Specification

    SERIAL's newest CAEL-HH series temperature and humidity transmitter meets the high humidity environmental requirements for temperature and humidity measurement. Via temperature and relative humidity values, the output can be calculated dew point temperature, absolute humidity, wet bulb temperature, the specific enthalpy and other parameters of humidity.

    On the sensor board with a heater which for heating to avoid condense. Up to 95%RH at 25, a slight temperature change -0.9 will caused condense on sensor board. This would affect the measurement accuracy. The heat will remove the dew on the sensor board as well, that minimums the errors on the measurement accuracy.



▪ Heating for avoid condensed

▪ 0 100%RH measurement,

▪ Temperature range up to +120°C

▪ Probe pressure up to 10 bar

▪ IP-65 housing

▪ 1-point user adjustment

▪ Analog output and RS485

▪ MODBUS RTU protocol

▪ Alarm output

▪ Dip switch for temperature range

▪ Configure adapter support



▪ High humidity environment

▪ Greenhouse, storage room, cooling chamber

▪ Agriculture, farms

▪ Pharmaceutical industry, paper industry

▪ Environmental chambers, spraying equipment

▪ Building Automation

▪ Environment and ventilation control


Technical Data:

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