Humidity Sensitive Resistor - HR202L

• Fixed Voltage: 1.5V AC (Max, Sine wave)
• Fixed power: 0.2mW (Max, Sine wave)
• Operating Frequency: 500Hz ~ 2kHz
• Temperature: 0 ~ 60°C
• Humidity: <95%RH (Non-condensing)
• Wet hysteresis difference: ≤2%RH
• Response time: Hygroscopic, ≤20S; De Wet ≤40S

  • Model Number: HR202L
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Humidity Sensitive Resistor
  • Humidity Sensitive Resistor
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Product Specification

HR202L Humidity Sensitive Resistor Product Overview
HR202L humidity resistance is the use of a new type of organic polymer materials moisture sensitive components, with a sense of wide humidity range, fast response, strong anti-pollution, no heat cleaning and long-term stable and reliable performance, and many other features.

HR202L Humidity Sensitive Resistor Applications
Display for temperature and humidity meter, temperature and humidity gift table, atmospheric environmental monitoring, industrial process control, agriculture, measuring instruments and other applications.

HR202L Humidity Sensitive Resistor Product Highlights
Compact and handsome appearance, good long-term stability, wide temperature and humidity measuring range, high and low temperature and humidity measurement accuracy.

HR202L Humidity Sensitive Resistor Parameters

Fixed Voltage
1.5V AC (Max, Sine wave)
Fixed power
0.2mW (Max, Sine wave)
Operating Frequency
500Hz ~ 2kHz
0 ~ 60°C
<95%RH (Non-condensing)
Wet hysteresis difference
Response time
Hygroscopic, ≤20S; De Wet ≤40S
Humidity detection accuracy

Relative humidity
at 25°C 1kHz 1V AC (Sine wave)
Central value
31 KΩ
Impedance values range
19.8 ~ 50.2 KΩ
Humidity detection accuracy

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