Humidity Sensor - 480 1000 041/01

• Measurement range: 0 - 98%RH​
• Typical Accuracy at +20°C (+68°F)​:
0 - 90%RH: ±3%RH
90 - 98%RH: ±5%RH
• Stability​: ±2%RH over 2 years​
• Environmental operating temperature​: -10°C ~ +60°C​

  • Model Number: 480 1000 041/01
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Humidity Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
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Product Specification

480 1000 041/01 Humidity Sensor Description
Although not supplied with an Instromet weather station as standard, this Humidity sensor can be used with the Climatica and Executive weather stations where its reading will be displayed on the units MWDs.

It can also be used with the legacy Climatica ranges of weather station as an addition when a datalogger S is being used. (Please note that only the datalogger S will display a reading from this sensor).

The sensor comes complete with 25m of cable.

Wall or mast mount away from heater or air conditioner outlets.
Avoid mounting over flat roofs which may radiate heat during sunny periods.

480 1000 041/01 Humidity Sensor Installation Instructions
This unit can be wall or mast mounted. It should be fitted where there is free movement of air and away from heater /ventilation outlets, chimneys, warm walls and flat roofs etc. The length of the cable affects the calibration and therefore should not, if possible, be shortened or lengthened.

The cable is connected in the junction box with the white two core cable (blue and white cores) connected to the AIR TEMP terminals and the grey (Red Black and White cores) to the rain sensor and RH terminals as per the

If another air temperature probe is being used, such as the one on the wind sensor, then there is no need to connect the temperature probe on the "Hummiter" as this probe does not have a bearing on the humidity reading and is only there if another air temperature is not already in use.

480 1000 041/01 Humidity Sensor Specifications

Measurement range
0 - 98%RH
Typical Accuracy at +20°C (+68°F)

    0 - 90%RH
    90 - 98%RH
±2%RH over 2 years                           
Environmental operating temperature
-10°C ~ +60°C

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