IR Carbon Dioxide Sensor (CO2 Sensor) - S509

• Working voltage: 3.0 - 6.0V
• Resolution​: 1‰FS.​
• Response timeT90​: ≤30​S
• Measurement ​accuracy​: ±3%FS​
• ​Zero repeatability​: ≤±1%FS​
• Long-term zero drift​: ≤±1%FS/year​
• Working temperature​: ​-40°C~+70°C​
• Working humidity​: ​0~95%RH No condensation​

  • Model Number: S509
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • IR Carbon Dioxide Sensor (CO2 Sensor)
  • IR Carbon Dioxide Sensor (CO2 Sensor)
  • IR Carbon Dioxide Sensor (CO2 Sensor)
  • IR Carbon Dioxide Sensor (CO2 Sensor)
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Product Specification

S509 IR CO2 Gas Sensor Characteristics:
• -40°C ~ +70°C wide working temperature range high precision measurement
• Sensor automatic revision, zero drift an automatic adjustment
• Immune to poisonous and harmful material, have fight poisoning efficacy
• Work without oxygen to participate in
• Using the infrared principle scattered, and long service life
• Sensor work, can output the digital quantity and analog
• Has the standard output interface, peripheral use circuit is simple

Infrared gas sensor is based on bill-LangBo law and ir theory developed, we can accurately detect methane, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, etc.

Sensor interior has intelligent processing chip, the gas absorption of light signal conversion into gas concentration information, and digital signal and linear output voltage signal and through the software algorithm in complex linearization and precise processing temperature and humidity compensation of gas density per second, and a time interval according to certain packet format automatically send output.

When offered 3.0VDC ~ 6.0VDC range voltage, S509 infrared sensor can be in -40°C ~ +70°C Wide temperature range normal work. The sensor to provide analog and digital output interface. The user can through the interface auto receiving gas concentration data and execution, use the function such as calibration is very simple.

S509 IR CO2 Gas Sensor Specification

Technical specification
Working voltage

3.0 5.0 6.0 V
Working current
Standard working current
Output voltage (Vout)
Output rang 0~2.3V
0V ~ 0.3V, means sensor fault

0.4V ~ 2V, Corresponding
0%FS. ~ 100%FS.

>2, means Super range

Detection range
0 - 5%

≤20 (Preheat the concentration of the output data is invalid)

Response timeT90
Measurement accuracy

Zero repeatability

Long-term zero drift

Working temperature

Working environment humidity
0~95%RH No condensation

Work pressure
700 ~ 1300
Storage temperature
-40°C ~ +70°C

Within a year of spontaneous goods

Service life
>5 year

25 g

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