Law Enforcement Alcohol Tester with Built-in Printer - AT8900

• Sensor type​: Fuel-Cell (Electrochemical) Sensor​
• Detecting Scope​: 0 ~ 2.000mg/L (0 ~ 440mg/100ml​)
• Warm-up time​: <20s​
• Pass Alert Value: 0.090 mg/L​
• Working Temperature Range: -20℃ ~ 50℃​
• Fail Alert Value: 0.250 mg/L​
• Battery​: 7.4V Lithium Battery Rated capacity 2500mAH​
• Charging time​: 6 hours

  • Model Number: AT8900
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Law Enforcement Alcohol Tester with Built-in Printer
  • Law Enforcement Alcohol Tester with Built-in Printer
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Product Specification

AT8900 Breath Alcohol Tester Summary
AT8900 is an advanced portable Breath Alcohol Tester with up-to-date design in the international field at present. The core component adopts Changeable Electrochemical Sensor module and the tester is in more accuracy, high sensitivity, strong anti-jamming ability and easy calibration. The design of multicolor OLED, simply keyboard, and touch screen make the tester more concise and suitable for outside use. The anti-return mouthpiece ensures the health and safety of users.

The product is applicable to driving in drunk or alcohol detecting before busywork, so that it can help us avoid the accident, protect human life and property safe. The delicate appearance and comfortable handle are the best choice for alcohol testing.

AT8900 Breath Alcohol Tester Main functions and features:
• Adopt industrial 32 bit embedded MCU with fast response.
• Adopt high sensitivity electrochemical sensor, good reliability and accuracy.
• Sensor Module changeable, more convenient for recalibration and change.
• Simplify keyboard with touch screen operation.
• 2.8 inch OLED screen, applicable for wide range of working temperature.
• 20000 memories storage capacity.
• Thermal printer and stand-alone dot-matrix printer optional.
• USB upload to PC
• Pass, Fail two level alarming, Blow interrupt, Test reject alarming etc functions
• Multi testing units (mg/L, mg/100ml, g/L, ‰BAC, %BAC) optional
• Real time, Temperature indication
• Password management
• Disposable anti-return, anti-jam mouthpiece design, 360° rolling.
• Low battery reminder and Battery saved automatically off function
• Big capacity rechargeable Li battery
• Wide working temperature range, to meet different demand
• Intelligent management for the testing information (Apparatus
   No., testing address, time, testee, testing result etc)

This product is designed, manufactured and inspected according to our national standard.

AT8900 Breath Alcohol Tester Main technique parameter

Sensor type
Fuel-Cell (Electrochemical) Sensor
Detecting Scope
0 ~ 2.000mg/L (0 ~ 440mg/100ml)
Warm-up time
Pass Alert Value
0.090 mg/L
Working Temperature Range
-20℃ ~ 50℃
Fail Alert Value
0.250 mg/L
±0.02mg/l (0-0.400mg/l)
±5% (0.400-1.000mg/l)
±20% (1.000-2.000mg/l)
7.4V Lithium Battery Rated capacity 2500mAH
Charging time
6 hours
Continuous operating
>20 hour normally
156mm x 76mm x 38mm
About 320g

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