Multifunctional 2-Channel Photodiode Amplifier - Multiboard (TW-MF2CAB)

• versatile dual channel photodiode amplifier (TW-MF2CAB)
• multi-configurable amplification of currents from 4 pA range up to 400 µA range
• well suited for experimental setup and small series

  • Model Number: Multiboard (TW-MF2CAB)
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Multifunctional 2-Channel Photodiode Amplifier
  • Multifunctional 2-Channel Photodiode Amplifier
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Product Specification

Multifunctional 2-Channel Photodiode Amplifier

Multiboard (TW-MF2CAB) Multifunctional 2-Channel Photodiode Amplifier Introduction
Photodiodes generate small photo-currents ranging from microamperes down to picoamperes, which cannot be measured with commonly available multimeters - amplifiers are required. Amplifiers such as the sglux dual channel MULTIBOARD converts very small currents into a voltage of 0…4V. Thus such amplifiers convert the small current signal of photovoltaic elements (photodiodes) to signal voltages suitable for typical voltmeters, microcontrollers and PLC systems.

Multiboard (TW-MF2CAB) Multifunctional 2-Channel Photodiode Amplifier Basics
Photo-currents can be converted to voltages by transimpedance amplifiers (TIA). The MULTIBOARD utilizes this approach. The schematic is shown in Appendix C. For basic knowledge about this device please refer to application note (SBOA061) for device OPA128 from texas instruments. Other approaches employ current-to-frequency converters and integrators, such as the sglux “DIGIBOARD”.

Multiboard (TW-MF2CAB) Multifunctional 2-Channel Photodiode Amplifier Specifications
The MULTIBOARD contains two independent amplifier channels with adjustable gain. By using jumpers one can select the amplifier type (voltage or transimpedance amplifier) and configuration (two independent amplifiers or single two-stage amplifier) as well as the gain.

The board provides current gain in the range 105 V/A…107 V/A and voltage gain from 2… 1000 V/V in single-stage configuration. Additionally to the fixed gain factors are potentiometers for custom gain factors in the range 104 V/A…106 V/A. By two stages one may reach gains of 1010 V/A respectively 105 V/V if offsets are carefully adjusted. The maximum usable output voltage range is ±4 V and must be considered while calculating gain factors.

The circuit is ideally operated with a split power supply of ±7 V…±26 V. For lower performance measurements a single supply of 15 V…36 V may be used. Note: For using single supply mode see Appendix B. Note: Applying operating voltage with a wrong polarity can destroy the board. The photodiodes plug directly into sockets or are externally connected via screw terminals. The output voltages are available on screw terminals.

Multiboard (TW-MF2CAB) Multifunctional 2-Channel Photodiode Amplifier Specifications overview

Signal out
Setting facilities



 • 3 ranges configurable with jumpers

 • continuously adjustable amplification with potentiometer
 • offset control with potentiometer
 15…36V single supply
 2 x 7…26V dual supply

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