Probe Divided Linear Position Sensor - KD Series

Small installation size
Strong anti-interference ability
Wide allowable temperature range (-40℃ - +85℃)
Non-contact sensing technology
Replacement by the convenience
Intelligent diagnosis advantages

  • Model Number: KD Series
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  • Probe Divided Linear Position Sensor
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Product Specification

KD series position sensors which are compact and with spilt type, are suitable for built-in measuring occasions with strict demmands for the installation space of electronic heads. The features: small installation size, strong anti-interference ability , wide allowable temperature range (-40℃ - +85℃), non-contact sensing technology, replacement by the convenience, intelligent diagnosis advantages, etc.

The part of the electronic head that need to be installed inside the the fuel tank has a small size, which is 26.9 mm (diameter) x 32 mm (height), and it is used in some high demand areas such as the wind power, engineering machinery, high speed railway, etc.

Products Data:


Analog output

SSI output

Project name



Measuring range



Out put

 4~20mADC; 0~10VDC

 24, 25, 26bit Binary or gray yards


16bit D/A 

1/ 2/ 5/ 10/ 20/ 50 100um 


<  ±0.01%F.S. (Minimum ±50μm) 

< ±0.01%F.S. (Minimum ±40μm) 


< ±0.002%F.S. (Minimum ±2μm) 

< ±0.002%F.S. (Minimum ±1 reading)  

Frequency response

 Range related

Range related 

Input voltage

24VDC (-15/+20%)

Operating temperature

-40℃ ~ +85℃


Electronic head part: IP67, Classifier part : IP69


M6X45, M18X1.5

Outline dimensions:

Wiring & Diagnostic Display:

Status indicator:

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