Ammonia Sensor (NH3 Sensor) - NH3 3E 100

• Measuring Range: 0-100 ppm
• Sensitivity Range: 90 nA/ppm ± 40 nA/ppm
• Zero Current at 20°C: < ± 150 nA
• Resolution at 20°C: < 2 ppm
• Bias Potential: 0 mV
• Linearity: <5% full scale
• Operation Temperature Range: -40°C to +40°C
• Operation Humidity Range: 15-90% r.H, non-condensing

  • Model Number: NH3 3E 100
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Ammonia Sensor (NH3 Sensor)
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Product Specification

NH3 3E 100 Ammonia Sensor (NH3 Sensor) FEATURES
• Amperometric 3 electrode sensor cell
• Fixed organic gel electrolyte
• No CO2 interference
• 0 volt bias operation

NH3 3E 100 Ammonia Sensor (NH3 Sensor) TYPICAL APPLICATIONS
• TLV-monitoring, leakage detection
• Fixed point applications in cold storages & refrigeration plants only
• For other applications please use NH3 3E SE versions
• No background concentrations of ammonia & alcohols

NH3 3E 100 Ammonia Sensor (NH3 Sensor) TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

Measuring Range
0-100 ppm
Sensitivity Range
90 nA/ppm ± 40 nA/ppm
Zero Current at 20°C
< ± 150 nA
Resolution at 20°C
< 2 ppm
Bias Potential
0 mV
<5% full scale
Response Time at 20°C

<20s    calculated from 5 min. exposure time
<120s  calculated from 5 min. exposure time
Long Term Sensitivity Drift
<10% per 6 months
Operation Conditions
    Temperature Range
    Humidity Range

-40°C to +40°C
15-90% r.H, non-condensing
Effect of Humidity
an abrupt change of r.H. will cause a 
short term drift of zero reading
Sensor Life Expectancy
> 18 months in air
12 months

Safety Note
This sensor is designed to be used in safety critical applications. To ensure that the sensor and/or instrument in which it is used, are operating properly, it is a requirement that the function of the device is confirmed by exposure to target gas (bump check) before each use of the sensor and/or instrument. Failure to carry out such tests may jeopardize the safety of people and property.

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