Catalytic Combustible Gas Sensor - MQ-ZC

MQ-ZC catalytic combustible gas sensor operate on the catalytic combustion principle, and its two arms of electric bridge consists of a test element and a compensate element.

  • Model Number: MQ-ZC
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  • Catalytic Combustible Gas Sensor
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Product Specification

Catalytic Combustible Gas Sensor MQ-ZC



MQ-ZC catalytic combustible gas sensor operate on the catalytic combustion principle, and its two arms of electric bridge 

consists of a test element and a compensate element. The resistance of the test element increase when meeting the 

combustible gas, in the same time, the output voltage of the bridge changed, the voltage variable is increased in direct 

proportion as the gas concentration, the compensate element as a reference, and compensate of temperature and humidity.


1. The bridge output in liner

2. Fast response

3. Good reproductivity and selectivity

4. Working stability

5. Small size


Used as a sensing element detect methane, natural gas, gas, and marsh gas on detection monitoring and alarm 

device in coal mine, petroleum, chemical and other fields.

Technical Parameter:

Type: MQ-ZC

Series: Catalytic

Standard cover: Plastic

Working voltage: 3V

Working current: ≤160mA

Output voltage: >20V

Sensitivity:  1%Methane: 25~50mV

                  1%Butane: 30~50mV

1%Hydrogen: 25~45mV

Liner: ≤5%

Test range: 0~100%LEL

Response time: ≤30S

Recovery time: ≤60S

Operating Conditions Ambient temperature: -20~+55℃
                         Humidity: ≤ 95% RH
                         Environmental oxygen content: 21%
Storage conditions Temperature: -20~+70℃ 

                           Humidity: ≤ 70% RH



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