Detector Assembly - EPM-2001

• Fast Response
• Matched to 660nm Emitters
• High Efficiency
• Ceramic Substrate
• Active Area: 8mm2
• Compact 5mm x 7mm Package

  • Model Number: EPM-2001
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Detector Assembly
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Product Specification

Silicon Photodiode
Ceramic Substrate
Oximetry Component

The EPM-2001 Detector Assembly uses a silicon planar diffused photodiode specially designed for medical applications. It features high efficiency and fast response. The EPM-2001 Detector Assembly is spectrally matched to Emitter Assemblies ELM-3001, ELM-3002, ELM-3003, and ELM-3004.

• Fast Response
• Matched to 660nm Emitters
• High Efficiency
• Ceramic Substrate
• Active Area: 8mm2
• Compact 5mm x 7mm Package

• Pulse Oximetry
• Finger/Ear Probes
• Soft Silicone Sensors

Specifications & Ratings:

Parameter @ 25ºC Symbol Conditions Min Typ Max Units
Power Dissipation Pd mW
Operating Temperature Topr °C
Storage Temperature Tstg °C
Soldering Temperature Tsol °C
Forward Voltage Vf Ir=100μA 50 V
Reverse Voltage Vr Ir=100μA 0.7 V
Shunt Resistance Rsh ±10mV 40
Capacitance Ct Vr=0V 70 pF
Spectral Sensitivity λ 400 1080 nm
Rise Time/Fall Time Tr/Tf Vr=0V, Rl=50Ω 350 nSec
Responsivity R λ =540nm 0.28 A / W
Temp. Coef. Of Isc βt 0.18 %

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