High Sensitivity Piezo Film Sensor Contact Microphone - CM-01B

• Sensitivity: 40V/mm
• Resonance Frequency: 5kHz
• Supply Voltage: 4 - 30VDC
• ​Supply Current: 0.1mA
• Operating Tem​perature: 5 ~ 60°C
• Storage Temperat​ure: -20 ~ 85°C
• High Sensitivity
• Low Cost

  • Model Number: CM-01B
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • High Sensitivity Piezo Film Sensor Contact Microphone
  • High Sensitivity Piezo Film Sensor Contact Microphone
  • High Sensitivity Piezo Film Sensor Contact Microphone
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Product Specification

CM-01B Contact Microphone Specifications
• High Sensitivity
• Robust
• Low Noise
• Piezo Film Technology
• Shielded Cable

CM-01B Contact Microphone Description
The CM-01B contact microphone uses sensitive but robust PVDF piezo film combined with a low-noise electronic preamplifier to provide a unique sound or vibration pick-up with buffered output. The design minimizes external acoustic noise while offering extremely high sensitivity to vibration applied to the central rubber pad. The CM-01B is ideal for detecting body sounds.

CM-01B Contact Microphone Features
• Broad Bandwidth
• High Sensitivity
• Excellent Impact Resistance
• Lightweight
• Low Cost

CM-01B Contact Microphone Applications
• Electronic Stethoscope
• Bone-conducted Sound Pickup
• General Purpose Contact Microphone
• Vibration/Impact Sensing

CM-01B Contact Microphone Performance Specifications

Parameter Min Typ Max Units
Sensitivity 40 V/mm
Lower Limiting Frequency (-3 dB) 8 Hz
Upper Limiting Frequency (+3 dB) 2.2 kHz
Resonance Frequency 5 kHz
Spring Constant 20 N/m
Electronic Noise 1 mVpk-pk
Supply Voltage 4 5 30 V-DC
Supply Current 0.1 mA
Operating Temperature 5 60 °C
Storage Temperature -20 85 °C

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