High-temperature Gage Pressure Transmitters 0-1.6MPa - MIDA-SG-12-06-C

Standard ranges 0-1.6MPa
Operating temperature range:
-40 ... +300 - for A-zone;
40…+80 - for electronics ambient temperature (C-zone)
Overall accuracy in compensated temperature range no more than: ±0,5​%
Supply voltage: 12 ... 36V depending on loads resistance
Ingress protection: IP64
Consumed current, no more, 20,2mA

  • Model Number: MIDA-SG-12-06-C
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  • High-temperature Gage Pressure Transmitters 0-1.6MPa
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Product Specification

High-temperature Gage Pressure Transmitters 0-1.6MPa MIDA-SG-12-06-C


Pressure Transmitters SG-12-06-C is based on Russia advanced titanium / silicon - sapphire pressure sensor and transmitter circuits. It is with wide pressure range, wide temperature range( -40 ~+350℃), high stability, wear resistance, impact resistance and anti-corrosion and other prominent features. Moreover it is easy cleaning, can be used for Industrial instrumentation & process control systems for gases containing fluids and solid particles, viscous fluids. 

Pressure Transmitters SG-12-06-C Specification

Applications Industrial instrumentation & process control systems for gases containing fluids and solid particles, viscous liquids, melts
Measured medium High-temperature liquids, gases, melts compatible with titanium alloys and stainless steel
Standard ranges, MPa 0-0,01… - 0-1,6
Output signal (wires) 4-20mA (2-wire)
Operating temperature range,

-40 ... +300 - for A-zone;

40…+80 - for electronics ambient temperature (C-zone)

Compensated temperature range of output signal, +20 ...+300
Overall accuracy in compensated temperature range, no more than ±%
Supply voltage, V 12 ... 36 depending on loads resistance
Consumed current, no more, mA 20,2
Ingress protection IP64
Climatic modification UHL**3.1
Mechanical stability V3
Electrical connection Sealing gland straight (S); plug/socket (P)
Weight no more than, kg 0,4
Specifications ТУ4212-043-18004487-2003
Number in the State Register of measuring devices of the Russian Federation
17635 - 03

Pressure Transmitters SG-12-06-C Overall and mounting dimensions


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