HumiChip® Voltage Output Sensor Module - HCPV-201W-1X

Linear & Calibrated %RH Voltage Output.
Rigid & Strong Molding Package

  • Model Number: HCPV-201W-1X
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • HumiChip® Voltage Output Sensor Module
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Product Specification

HCPV-201W-1X HumiChip® Voltage Output Sensor Module Product Summary:
HCPV-201W-1X is an accurate and reliable humidity measuring sensor module based on HumiChip®.
The humidity output of the sensor is temperature compensated and is in linear voltage which can be directly interfaced with a microcomputer with an ADC input. The specially designed mold package and coating materials are ensuring durability and reliability even in harsh environment.

HCPV-201W-1X HumiChip® Voltage Output Sensor Module  Features:
 Linear & Calibrated %RH Voltage Output.
 Rigid & Strong Molding Package
 Enhanced Inside Protection through Coated Materials
 Durability and Easy Installation
 Customized PTFE Filter and Temperature Output

HCPV-201W-1X HumiChip® Voltage Output Sensor Module  The selection:

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