Insertion Mass Flow Meters - MFI Series

• Accuracy: ±(1.5+0.5 FS)%
• Flow Range: 0.01 ~ 65 Nm/sec (e.g. DN150: 0.6 ~ 3500 Nm3/hr)
• Environment:
- Tenperature: -20 ~ +60℃
- Humidity: < 95%RH (No icing or condensation)
• Flow channel: 80 ~ 1600 mm
• Interface: 4 ~ 20 mA; RS485; Pulse

  • Model Number: MFI Series
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Insertion Mass Flow Meters
  • Insertion Mass Flow Meters
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Product Specification

MFI Series Insertion Mass Flow Meters General description

MFI series insertion mass flow meters are designed for gas monitoring and control in a largepipe line where installation of an in-line flow meter is either difficult or costly. The insertionminimal interruption to the normal working circumstance.  The suggested starting metering DNis 150 mm and above. All of the insertion meters have an accuracy of ±(1.5+0.5FS)% orbetter depending on the requests. The meters can work at an environment of -20 to 60 °Cand pressure up to 1.5 MPa.  Applications include but not limited to oxygen, nitrogen,methane, and compressed air  flow monitoring for manufacture process control.      

MFI Series Insertion Mass Flow Meters Features and Applications

- Highly sensitive, measuring as low as 0.01 Nm/sec, and as high as 65 Nm/sec
- Directly sense mass flow using thermal mass flow principle
- Proprietary MEMS sensor design for better reliability
- Standard 8 ~ 24Vdc power supply
- Low pressure loss reducing energy cost
- Industrial standard communication ports for easy networking and remote control

MFI Series Insertion Mass Flow Meters Mechanical Dimensions       

MFI Series Insertion Mass Flow Meters Specifications

±(1.5+0.5 FS)%
Flow Range
0.01 ~ 65 Nm/sec (e.g. DN150:  0.6 ~ 3500 Nm3/hr)
Tenperature: -20 ~ +60℃; Humidity: < 95%RH (No icing or condensation)
Flow channel
80 ~ 1600 mm
Flow rate, accumulated flow
4 ~ 20 mA; RS485; Pulse
Air @ 20℃; 101.325 kPa

MFI Series Insertion Mass Flow Meters Production selection

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