Sensor: Heated metal oxide semiconductor.
Range: 0-0.1 ppm, 0-1 ppm and 0-10 ppm available. Accuracy: 20%.
Sensitivity: As low as 0.02 ppm for the 0.1 ppm module, 0.1 ppm for the 1 ppm module, and 0.3

  • Model Number: OEM-2
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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Product Specification


The model OEM-2 is a system to control ozone generators and alarms based on an adjustable ozone concentration set point. It is designed to work with plug-in sensor modules for 0-0.1 ppm, 0-1 ppm, and 0-10 ppm. These are specified when ordering by putting the ppm range after the model number. For example, a 0.1 ppm OEM-2 board system would be OEM-2-.1 and the replacement sensor module for it would be SM-1-.1. These same sensor modules also work in our OEM-1 boards, which have features such as being powered by 110/220 VAC. The sensors modules can also be located at a distance from the OEM-2 boards by 2 or 8 meter cables. These are readily available DIN M/F 5 pin extension cables.

One component of the OEM-2 system is the base board which incorporates the power supply, final signal processing, set-point controls, and the output relay. The other component is the sensor mounted with its associated electronics in a cylindrical DIN plug. This is precalibrated in our lab so that the sensor module and main board module together work as a calibrated system. If the sensor module is damaged, it is simply replaced by another precalibrated module.

The design incorporates hysteresis and time delay (set at 8 seconds except for special orders) to eliminate chatter and other excessive interactions between the sensor and generator. The SPDT relay contacts will handle up to 5 amps at 250 volts. The OEM-2 should not be used outdoors or in the presence of NOx, nitric acid, acid gases, or halogen compound fumes.

Allow warm-up according to the table below. At least 24 hours is recommended if the system hasn't been used for a week or so. This is because the sensor can absorb VOCs when it is not in use.



Heated metal oxide semiconductor.


 0-0.1 ppm, 0-1 ppm and 0-10 ppm available.




 As low as 0.02 ppm for the 0.1 ppm module, 0.1 ppm for the 1 ppm module, and 0.3 ppm for the 10 ppm module. These sensitivities will decrease if sensor module extension cables are used.

Response time

 Within 10's of seconds.

Turn-on, turn-off time delay

 8 seconds standard. Other times by request.

Temperature and humidity range

 The calibration is only valid for normal room temperature and humidity. The circuit does not include temperature or humidity compensation devices.

Supply voltage required

 12-24 VDC or AC, 250 mA.

Relay ratings

 SPDT non-latching. Contacts:5 amps at 250 volts AC.

Size of main board

 83 X 83 mm (3.25" X 3.25"). Requires 23 mm (.875") clearance from top surface of board and 6 mm (.250") clearance from bottom surface of the board.

Main board mounting

 By 4 3.5 mm screws (or 6-32 screws).

Sensor Module

 16 mm (dia) X 45 mm (length), (.62" X 1.75"), 10 g (0.3 oz)

Shipping weight

 Both modules and 2 meter sensor extension cable, no adapter454 g (1 lb)

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