ORAKEL Chlorine Sensor - MMS-D010

• Measurement: Total chlorine or free chlorine
• Range: 0.01-2mg/l, 0.01-5mg/l, 0.01-10mg/l, 0.01-20mg/l, 0.5-200mg/l (free only).
• Resolution: 0.01mg/l (ppm) (0.1 on 0-200mg/l ranges).
• Reproducibility: Better than ±0.05mg/l.
• Flow Rate: Approximately 0.5l/minute (minimum 0.25l/minute).
• Temperature Range: 0 to <45°C.
• pH Range: pH 4 up to pH 9.
• Response Time T90: approximately 120 seconds.

  • Model Number: MMS-D010
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • ORAKEL Chlorine Sensor
  • ORAKEL Chlorine Sensor
  • ORAKEL Chlorine Sensor
  • ORAKEL Chlorine Sensor
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Product Specification


The ORAKEL range of Residual Chlorine Analysers, Residual Chlorine Controllers and Residual Chlorine Monitors are membrane devices which are insensitive to changing pH, use no reagents, are extremely stable, and have reduced maintenance and reduced whole life costs.

The membraned amperometric chlorine sensors are enhanced with a third, reference electrode which eliminates zero drift.  Its unique design means that pH correction is not usually required at all, completely eliminating reagents.

In addition to the state of the art potentiostatic chrono-amperometric free chlorine and total chlorine sensors, the ORAKEL range of residual chlorine analysers has all the functionality that you need, and more.

The ORAKEL Chlorine Sensor range is particularly suited to working in sites where reliability and ease of use are most important.

Chlorine Sensor Options
• Free Chlorine
• Total Chlorine
• Free Chlorine 'zero'

Water Treatment Applications
• Chlorine Dosing
• Paper Mills
• Cooling Towers
• Remote Sites
• Food Preparation
• Secondary Chlorination

The ORAKEL Chlorine sensor can be installed in a variety of auxiliary flow cells and self-cleaning devices.

Membrane covered potentiostatic chronoamperometric three-electrode system
Total chlorine or free chlorine
0.01-2mg/l, 0.01-5mg/l, 0.01-10mg/l,
0.01-20mg/l and 0.5-200mg/l (free only).
0.01mg/l (ppm) (0.1 on 0-200mg/l ranges).
Better than ±0.05mg/l.
-1% per month (without calibration).
Working electrode: gold.
Counter electrode: stainless steel.
Reference electrode: silver/silver halide
Membrane Material
Membrane Material.
Flow Rate
Approximately 0.5l/minute (minimum 0.25l/minute).
Temperature Range
0 to <45°C.
Temperature Compensation
Automatically by an integrated thermistor.
pH Range
pH 4 up to pH 9.
First Polarisation Time
2 hours.
Re-Polarisation Time
30 minutes.
Response Time
T90: approximately 120 seconds.
Zero-Point Adjustment
Not necessary.
Manual using electrochemical test kit or DPD test kit.
Housing Material
PVC, silicone and polycarbonate stainless steel.
Diameter: approximately 25mm.
Length: 175mm.
Maintenance Intervals
Membrane: once a year (depending on water quality).
Electrolyte: once a year (depending on water quality).
High levels of other oxidants such as Ozone and Chlorine Dioxide

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