Ultrasonic Range Finder Sensor & Module (UART) (Conventional) - HG-C40U

• Communication: UART(TTL)
• Input Voltage 5V, 12V(default)
• Current Consumption: 20mA(Typ) ~ 30mA(Max)
• Frequency: 40kHz
• Max. distance: 3.5m (at 5V); 5m (at 12V)
• Min. distance: 2cm
• Resolution: 5mm

  • Model Number: HG-C40U
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Ultrasonic Range Finder Sensor & Module (UART) (Conventional)
  • Ultrasonic Range Finder Sensor & Module (UART) (Conventional)
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Product Specification

HG-C40U Ultrasonic Range Finder Sensor & Module Description
• ATmega 8 MCU
• Measures distance from the obstacle and sends the data using UART communication.
• Within 5mm Resolution
• Optional two transmitting mode for various use.
  - Free Run : With a power supply, sensor transmits trigger and burst signal by itself (for basic application)
  - External Trigger : External system(controller or processor circuit) controls the trigger signals – for advance application
• Two types of input power – Low(5V) for processor circuit usage and High(12V) for controllers. ※ Factory Default : 12V
• Various Setting Option
  - Free Run / UART Trigger / External Trigger setting
  - Ring buffer use or not use setting
  - UART communication baudrate setting
  - Free Run Trigger interval
• Output Signal
  - Distance Data using UART(ASCII, mm)
  - Real time ultrasonic wave amplified from actually received ultrasonic.
  - Real time TTL level square signal(Square Wave) of detection signal.
• High performance ASIC Chip for stable transmission and sensitive reception.
• Sensor to PC communication using ‘Interface Board’(RS232, Power regulator)
• Data display using monitor program from PC(Hyperterminal available)

HG-C40U Ultrasonic Range Finder Sensor & Module Specification

Input Voltage
5V, 12V(default)
Current Consumption
20mA(Typ) ~ 30mA(Max)
Max. distance
3.5m (at 5V)
5m (at 12V)
Min. distance
Module : 50x22x25(mm)
Sensor : Φ16

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