Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO Sensor) 4-Electrode - CO-B4

• Sensitivity: 420 to 650nA/ppm at 2ppm CO
• Response time t90: < 25s from zero to 10ppm CO
• Temperature range: -30 to 50°C
• Pressure range: 80 to 120 kPa
• Humidity range: 15 to 90 % rh continuous
• Storage period: 6 months @ 3 to 20°C
• Load resistor: 33 to 100 Ω
• Weight: < 13 g

  • Model Number: CO-B4
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO Sensor) 4-Electrode
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO Sensor) 4-Electrode
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Product Specification

CO-B4 Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO Sensor) 4-Electrode Description
Alphasense Carbon Monoxide gas sensors operate using proven fuel cell technology.

Sensors are available in the following sizes:
A: 20mm diameter, the industry standard size for portable gas detectors
B: 32mm diameter package, the best choice for fixed site applications
C: 20mm diameter with extra height for additional filter material when measuring combustion gases
D: miniature, with proven long-term performance. Sensors for the next generation of portable gas detectors

The Alphasense family of CO sensors have proven themselves in the field with long term stability and reliable operation, well beyond the two-year warranty, using our patented electrode technology. The ‘X’ sensors have low hydrogen sensitivity, as drop-in replacements for the standard ‘F’ sensors.

CO-B4 Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO Sensor) 4-Electrode PERFORMANCE 
Sensitivity  nA/ppm at 2ppm CO  420 to 650
Response time  t90 (s) from zero to 10ppm CO  < 25
Zero current  nA in zero air at 20℃  +30 to -130
Noise*  ±2 standard deviations (ppb equivalent)  4
Range  ppm limit of performance warranty  1000
Linearity  ppb CO error at full scale, linear at zero, 500ppm CO  20 to 35
Overgas limit  maximum ppm for stable response to gas pulse  2000
* Tested with Alphasense ISB low noise circuit

CO-B4 Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO Sensor) 4-Electrode LIFETIME 
Zero drift  ppb equivalent change/year in lab air < ±100
Sensitivity drift  % change/year in lab air, monthly test < 10 
Operating  life months until 50% original signal (24 month warranted) > 36

CO-B4 Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO Sensor) 4-Electrode ENVIRONMENTAL 
Sensitivity @ -20℃  (% output @ -20℃/output @ 20℃) @ 5ppm CO  40 to 70
Sensitivity @ 50℃  (% output @ 50℃/output @ 20℃) @ 5ppm CO  110 to 125 
Zero @ -20℃  nA   -30 to +30
Zero @ 50℃  nA   -50 to -200

CO-B4 Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO Sensor) 4-Electrode CROSS SENSITIVITY
Filter capacity  ppm·hrs H2S  250,000
H2S  sensitivity % measured gas @ 5ppm H2S  < 1
NO2  sensitivity % measured gas @ 5ppm NO2  < 1
Cl2  sensitivity % measured gas @ 5ppm Cl2  < 1
NO  sensitivity % measured gas @ 5ppm NO  < -3
SO2  sensitivity % measured gas @ 5ppm SO2  < 0.1
H2  sensitivity % measured gas @ 100ppm H2 at 20 ℃  < 10
C2H4  sensitivity % measured gas @ 100ppm C2H4  < 1
NH3  sensitivity % measured gas @ 20ppm NH3  < 0.1

CO-B4 Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO Sensor) 4-Electrode KEY SPECIFICATIONS 
Temperature range  °C  -30 to 50
Pressure range  kPa  80 to 120
Humidity range  % rh continuous  15 to 90
Storage period  months @ 3 to 20°C (stored in sealed pot)  6
Load resistor  Ω (ISB circuit is recommended)  33 to 100
Weight  g  < 13

Matched Transmitter board for CO-B4 CO Sensor

Individual Sensor Board (ISB) Alphasense B4 4-Electrode Gas Sensors
The Individual Sensor Board (ISB) is designed for use with the Alphasense B4 family of four-electrode gas sensors. This potentiostat provides a dual channel voltage output.
A low noise bandgap provides the bias voltage for NO sensors and the ISB can measure both oxidising (CO, H2S, SO2 and NO) and reducing (O3 and NO2) gases.
The ISB is configured for specific sensors: NO, NO2, O3 and CO / H2S / SO2 .
Designed for low power applications, the ISB requires 3.5 to 6.4 stable DC supply at only 1mA.

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