Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor (CO Sensor) - 4CM CiTiceL

• Operating Principle: 3-electrode electrochemical
• Detection Range: 0 to 2000 ppm
• Response Time (T90): ≤10 s at 20°C
• Repeatability: < ±2% CO equivalent
• Linearity: Linear up to 2000 ppm
• Resolution: <1 ppm typical
• Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +55°C
• Operating Pressure Range: 800 to 1200 mbar
• Operating Humidity Range: 15% RH to 95% RH non-condensing

  • Model Number: 4CM CiTiceL
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor (CO Sensor)
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Product Specification

4CM CiTiceL Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO Sensor) Key Features & Benefits:
• Fast response and recovery time
• Superior long-term performance at temperature and humidity extremes
• Meets sensor requirements described in AQ6205-2006 and EN45544-2000

4CM CiTiceL Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO Sensor) Technical Specifications

Operating Principle 3-electrode electrochemical
Detection Range 0 to 2000 ppm
Filter To remove acid gases
Filter Capacity > 20000 ppm hours
Sensitivity 70 ± 15 nA/ppm
Response Time (T90)
(for concentrations up to 500 ppm)
≤10 s at 20°C
Recovery Time
(from 100ppm down to <2 ppm)
<90 s (typically < 30 s)
Baseline Offset (clean air) <±2 ppm CO equivalent
Baseline Shift:
  -40°C to -20°C <±3 ppm CO equivalent
  -20°C to +20°C <±2 ppm CO equivalent
  +20°C to +55°C Typically < +4 ppm (+9 ppm max.)
Repeatability <±2% CO equivalent
Linearity Linear up to 2000 ppm

(Electronics dependent)
<1 ppm typical
Recommended Load Resistor 5 Ω
Bias Voltage Not required

Housing Material Noryl 110
Pin Material Gold over nickel plated brass
Weight 5 g (nominal)
Orientation Sensitivity None

Intended Use Portable detectors for most Life Safety applications
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +55°C
Temperature Coefficient:
  at -40°C 45 to 65% of signal w.r.t. +20°C
  at -20°C 73 to 82% of signal w.r.t. +20°C
  at +55°C 105 to 111% of signal w.r.t. +20°C
Operating Pressure Range 800 to 1200 mbar
Operating Humidity Range 15% RH to 95% RH non-condensing

Maximum at 2000 ppm 0.2 mA
Maximum o/c Voltage 1.3 V
Maximum s/c Current <1.0 A

Long Term Output Drift < 5% per annum
Recommended Storage Temp 0°C to +20°C in sealed container
Expected Operating Life 24 months in air
Storage Life 6 months in original packaging
Standard Warranty 24 months from date of despatch

Filter Information
Activated carbon cloth filter with high surface area:
• Removes acid gases such as SO2 , NO2 & H2S
• Protects from short-term (<1000 ppm hours) exposure to alcohols such as Methanol, Ethanol, & IPA

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