High Temperature Pressure Transmitter - JYB-KO-GW

• Measuring range:
screw type: any range within 0~2MPa
clamp: any range within 100kPa~2MPa
• Environment temperature: -20°C~85°C
• Power supply: DC 24V (12V~32V)
• Output: 4~20mA, 0~10mA; 0~5V
• Nonlinear: ± 0.2%F.S
• Response time: ≤ 50ms

  • Model Number: JYB-KO-GW
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  • High Temperature Pressure Transmitter
  • High Temperature Pressure Transmitter
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Product Specification

JYB-KO-GW High Temperature Pressure Transmitter Introduction
• Pressure control in high and middle temperature industrial process
• Water treatment engineering, petroleum and chemical industry
• Food, medicine, brewing, latex, aviation field

JYB-KO-GW High Temperature Pressure Transmitter Characteristic
• Whole stainless steel laser welding, excellent anticorrosion and shock resistance
• Has a wide temperature measuring range, very mini pressure value error
• Work stable and strong  anti-interference capability
• Double diaphragm structure design
• Many process connect ways such as level film structure or thread
• Prevent the surge voltage, reverse polarity over-voltage and over-current protection
• Wide measurement medium range and high reliability

JYB-KO-GW High Temperature Pressure Transmitter Parameters

Measuring range screw type: any range within 0~2MPa
clamp: any range within 100kPa~2MPa
Environment temperature -20°C~85°C
Power supply DC 24V (12V~32V)
Over load pressure two times of range
Output 4~20mA, 0~10mA; 0~5V
Accuracy class grade 0.2 (range from 70kPa to 2MPa ) limit to screw type
grade 0.5 (range from 100kPa to 2MPa )
Nonlinear ± 0.2%F.S
Electrical connection Horsman interface
Medium temperature screw type: -30°C~200°C
clamp: -30°C~300°C
Response time ≤ 50ms
Load capacity current mode ≤500Ω 
voltage mode ≥3kΩ
Repeatability ± 0.1%F.S
Long-term stability ± 0.1%F.S/y
Nonlinear ± 0.2%F.S
Thermal zero drift ± 0.02%F.S/°C
Measuring medium  oil, water, gas and other compatible with stainless steel medium
IP grade IP 65
Weight about 330g (screw type)  360g (clamp)

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