In-line Multi-parameter Water Sensor - KAPTA 3000-AC4

• Operating range​:
HOCl: 0.01mg/l - 2.0 mg/l
Conductivity Range: 50 - 1000 µS/cm
Pressure Range: 0 - 10 bar (145 psi)
Temperature Range: 0 - 40°C
• Probe Power Supply​: 3.2 - 5 V DC
• Operating temperature range​: 0 - 40 °C​
• Pressure: 0-10 bar

  • Model Number: KAPTA 3000-AC4
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • In-line Multi-parameter Water Sensor
  • In-line Multi-parameter Water Sensor
  • In-line Multi-parameter Water Sensor
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Product Specification

In-line Multi-parameter Water Sensor
Chlorine, Conductivity, Pressure, Temperature

KAPTA 3000-AC4 In-line Multi-parameter Water Sensor General Description
The KAPTA 3000-AC4 probe has been specifically developed to enhance the management and control of the drinking water distribution network. The KAPTA 3000-AC4 monitors the important water parameters chlorine, conductivity, pressure and temperature using innovative, integrated technologies. The chlorine is measured using a three electrode amperometric sensor designed to monitor the active chlorine (HOCl). The pressure sensor uses a silicium piezoresistive cell and the conductivity is a measurement using four electrodes. These integrated sensors require no maintenance or recalibration and allow for the online monitoring of the drinking water distribution network systems.

The KAPTA 3000-AC4 continuously measures and stores the 24 last measurements based on the chosen data acquisition mode. The communication module (IP68) queries the probe to allow real time telemetry data transmission to a central server. All the data measured by the probe is organized into an easy to use interface for the operator.

The design of the KAPTA 3000-AC4 probe and its use and mode of communication have been designed to facilitate its implementation and application on site. This innovative, modern and reliable monitoring solution provides real-time control of the distributed water quality.

KAPTA 3000-AC4 In-line Multi-parameter Water Sensor Benefits
• Real time water network monitoring
• In-line water contaminant identification
• Efficient control of water distribution

KAPTA 3000-AC4 In-line Multi-parameter Water Sensor Main features
• Measurement of the main disinfection species
• No interference with chloramines
• Chemical free operation
• Annual maintenance and calibration
• Easy field installation with direct insertion in pipe, under pressure, using standard collar and valve
• Battery operated
• Real time telemetry data transmission to a central server

KAPTA 3000-AC4 In-line Multi-parameter Water Sensor Applications:
Drinking Water Security

• Real-time, in-line monitoring of key parameters in the water distribution system
• Detection of any changes in your water quality commonly caused by leaks, pipe corrosion and biofouling effects, etc.
• Disinfection process optimization

KAPTA 3000-AC4 In-line Multi-parameter Water Sensor Sensor Specifications

• Detection of active chlorine (HOCl)
• Measurement of conductivity, pressure and temperature
• Reagent free multi-parameter probe
• Real in-situ, online active chlorine measurement
• Miniaturized low power consumption sensor probe
Operating range
1. Chlorine HOCl (2X)
• HOCl: 0.01mg/l - 2.0 mg/l
• Measurement accuracy: ± 0.03 ppm; ± 5%
• Sensor output resolution: 0.01 ppm
• Output communication resolution: 0.01 ppm
• Response time: < 30s
2. Conductivity
• Range: 50 - 1000 µScm-1
• Measurement accuracy: ± 5 µScm-1; ± 5%
• Sensor output resolution: 1 µScm-1
• Output communication resolution: 5 µScm-1
3. Pressure
• Range: 0 - 10 bar (145 psi)
• Measurement accuracy at 25°C: ± 50mbar
• Measurement accuracy over temperature (0-40°C): ± 100mbar
• Sensor output resolution: 2 mbar
• Output communication resolution: 50 mbar
4. Temperature
• Range: 0 - 40°C
• Measurement accuracy: ± 1.2°C
• Sensor output resolution: 0.2°C
• Communication output resolution: 0.3°C
Probe Power Supply
3.2 - 5 V DC; Battery operated: Replaceable Battery Pack included
Probe cable length
3 m
Probe weight
410 g
pH range
• 5 - 9
• Lower pH than 5 can damage the
sensor head irreversibly
Operating temperature range
0 - 40 °C
0-10 bar, Over pressure: 30 bar (435 psi)
Long term stability
1 year
Minimum 0.03 m/s
Maximum 1.5 m/s (Tested over one year)
• The sensor has been designed to fit directly in a pipe of external diameter D > 60 mm or 2″ with a threaded fitting
• Maximum pipe diameter: DN 300 for iron pipe and DN 250 for PVC/HDPE
• Length of the KAPTA™ probe : 300mm
• Diameter of KAPTA™ probe head 35 mm Thread 1″1/8 Gaz BSP Cylindrical

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