Miniature Size Nitric Oxide Sensor (NO Sensor) - NO-D4

• Range: 100ppm limit of performance warranty
• Sensitivity​: 450 to 600 nA/ppm in 40ppm NO
• Response time t90: < 15s from zero to 40ppm NO
• Resolution: < 0.1 RMS noise (ppm equivalent)
• Temperature range: -20 to 50°C
• Pressure range: 80 to 120 kPa
• Humidity range: 15 to 90 %rh (see note below)
• Weight: < 2 g

  • Model Number: NO-D4
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Miniature Size Nitric Oxide Sensor (NO Sensor)
  • Miniature Size Nitric Oxide Sensor (NO Sensor)
  • Miniature Size Nitric Oxide Sensor (NO Sensor)
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Product Specification

NO-D4 Nitric Oxide Sensor (NO Sensor) Description
Alphasense Nitric Oxide gas sensors operate using proven fuel cell technology.

NO-D4 Nitric Oxide Sensor size:
miniature, with proven long-term performance. Sensors designed for the next generation of portable gas detectors.

The NO range provides OEMs with reliable sensors for use in a number of high volume applications. Strong signal levels combined with low zero current allows resolution to 200 parts per billion (ppb) whilst giving linear outputs to as high as 250ppm. The sensors are suitable for inclusion in fixed installation sensing heads, portable safety instruments, urban air monitoring and stack gas analysers.

Alphasense NO sensors provide a significant improvement in stability of response to transient relative humidity changes.

The NO sensors offer our electrolyte leak-free guarantee and reliable long-term detection performance. The leakproof housing is moulded with a colour coded top for ease of identification.

NO-D4 Nitric Oxide Sensor (NO Sensor) Key Features & Benefits:
Small Footprint
Including the world’s smallest two-gas sensor, only 14.5mm diameter, this family of sensors allows significant savings in gas detector size.

Reduced Height
8.4mm high, making the sensor ideal for low profile instruments.

Low Weight
Less than 1.5 grams with excellent shock resistance.

Good Connectivity
Uses industry standard, low cost, Molex sockets for direct board insertion.

Reduced Costs
High quality design with a significant reduction in the cost per measured gas, allied to reduced manufacturing costs are passed on to OEMs

NO-D4 Nitric Oxide Sensor (NO Sensor) PERFORMANCE
nA/ppm in 40ppm NO
450 to 600
Response time
t90 (s) from zero to 40ppm NO
< 15
Zero current
ppm equivalent in zero air
< 0 to 1.5
RMS noise (ppm equivalent)
< 0.1
ppm limit of performance warranty
ppm error at full scale, linear at zero and 40ppm NO
< ±1.5
Overgas limit
maximum ppm for stable response to gas pulse

NO-D4 Nitric Oxide Sensor (NO Sensor) LIFETIME
Zero drift
ppm equivalent change/year in lab air
< 0.4
Sensitivity drift
% change/month in lab air, monthly test
< 5
Operating life
months until 80% original signal  (24 month warranted)
> 24

NO-D4 Nitric Oxide Sensor (NO Sensor) ENVIRONMENTAL
Sensitivity @ -20°C
% (output @ -20°C/output @ 20°C) 40ppm NO
65 to 80
Sensitivity @ 50°C
% (output @ 50°C/output @ 20°C) 40ppm NO
102 to 115
Zero @ -20°C
ppm equivalent change from 20°C
< ± 0.5
Zero @ 50°C
ppm equivalent change from 20°C
< 1.5 to 6

NO-D4 Nitric Oxide Sensor (NO Sensor) CROSS SENSITIVITY
H2S    sensitivity
% measured gas @ 20ppm H2S
< 5
NO2   sensitivity
% measured gas @ 10ppm NO2
< 5
Cl2     sensitivity
% measured gas @ 10ppm Cl2
< 5
SO2   sensitivity
% measured gas @ 10ppm SO2
< 0.5
CO     sensitivity
% measured gas @ 400ppm CO
< 0.1
H2     sensitivity
% measured gas @ 400ppm H2
< 0.1
C2H4 sensitivity
% measured gas @ 1000ppm C2H4
 < 0.1
NH3  sensitivity
% measured gas @ 20ppm NH3
< 0.1
CO2  sensitivity
% measured gas @ 5% CO2
< 0.1

NO-D4 Nitric Oxide Sensor (NO Sensor) KEY SPECIFICATIONS
Temperature range
-20 to 50
Pressure range
80 to 120
Humidity range
%rh (see note below)
15 to 90
Storage period
months @ 3 to 20°C (stored in sealed pot)
Bias voltage
mV (working electrode above ground)
Load resistor
Ω (for optimum performance)
10 to 47
< 2

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