One-Color Non-Contact Infrared Pyrometers - PSC-G54NL/NV PSC-S54NL/NV

• Temperature Range
PSC-G54NL / NV: 200 to 2500°C
PSC-S54NL / NV: 550 to 3000°C
• Spectral Range:
PSC-G54NL / NV: 1.5µm to 1.8µm
PSC-S54NL / NV: 0.8µm to 1.1µm
• Accuracy: 0.5% of Measured Value in °C
• Reproducibility: 0.1% of Measured Value in °C
• Transmissivity: 50% to 100%
• Power Supply: 24 V DC ± 25%, Residual Ripple 500 mV

  • Model Number: PSC-G54NL/NV PSC-S54NL/NV
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • One-Color Non-Contact Infrared Pyrometers
  • One-Color Non-Contact Infrared Pyrometers
  • One-Color Non-Contact Infrared Pyrometers
  • One-Color Non-Contact Infrared Pyrometers
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Product Specification

1-Color Pyrometer Series

PSC-G54NL/NV and PSC-S54NL/NV Non-Contact Infrared Pyrometers Description
The Stand Alone PSC-G54NL/NV and PSC-S54NL/NV One-Color Pyrometer Series provide pinpoint accuracy over an incredibly wide temperature range with customizable options. Choose from integrated laser aiming light or real-time color video camera sighting, ten distinct temperature ranges and four high-resolution, fixed focus optics.

These compact digital sensors are specifi cally designed for accuracy and reliability in harsh industrial and demanding laboratory applications. The PSC-G54N and S54N Series' 0/4 to 20mA output allows easy integration to existing measurement and control systems. RS-485 interface capability facilitates connection to a PC to allow all parameter settings to be set and adjusted using the PSCSpot software and optional RS-485 to USB connector.

PSC-G54NL/NV and PSC-S54NL/NV Non-Contact Infrared Pyrometers Features
• Compact, Self-Contained with Rugged Stainless Steel Housing
• Laser or Integrated Color Video Camera Sighting
• 10 Temperature Ranges Spanning from 200° to 3000°C
• Analog 4-20mA and Digital RS-485 Interface
• Choice of 4 Fixed Focus, High Resolution Optics
• Fast Response Time from 2ms, Adjustable up to 100 seconds
• Small Spot Size with Fixed Focus Optics
• Connect to PC to Adjust Parameters with PSCSpot Software
• RS-485 Modbus Interface Integration into Existing Data Acquisition Systems
• Robust Hardware Designed for Harsh Industrial Continuous Operations

PSC-G54NL/NV and PSC-S54NL/NV Non-Contact Infrared Pyrometers Applications
• Steel and Metals
• Induction Heating
• Ceramics/Composites
• Soldering
• Sintering/Graphite
• Welding
• Semiconductor
• Kilns
• Vacuum Furnace
• R & D

Specifications PSC-G54NL/NV and PSC-S54NL/NV Non-Contact Infrared Pyrometers

Temperature Range
200° to 1200°C
200° to 2000°C
250° to 1500°C
350° to 2000°C
250° to 2500°C
392° to 2192°F
392° to 3632°F
482° to 2732°F
662° to 3632°F
482° to 2732°F
Temperature Range
550° to 1500°C
600° to 1800°C
800° to 2500°C
900° to 3000°C
600° to 3000°C
1022° to 2732°F
1112° to 3272°F
1472° to 4532°F
1652° to 5432°F
1112° to 5432°F
Sub Temperature Range
Adjustable Within Overall Temperature Range, Minimum Span 50°C (122°F)
Field of View Ratio
0.5% of Measured Value in °C
0.1% of Measured Value in °C
Method of Aiming
PSC-G54NL and PSC-S54NL: Laser Aiming Light, 630…680 nm, Class II, <1 mW
PSC-G54NV and PSC-S54NV: Video Camera, Composite Video Signal NTSC (M), 60Hz or PAL (B), 50Hz
Choice of Optics Types
250mm, 650mm, 2000mm, 4000mm - Refer to FOV Diagrams
Spectral Range
PSC-G54NL / NV 1.5µm to 1.8µm
PSC-S54NL / NV 0.8µm to 1.1µm
Emissivity ε
0.050 to 1.00
Response Time (t95)
2ms Adjustable up to 100 seconds
50% to 100%
0/4 mA to 20 mA, Temperature Linear, Max. Load 500 Ω (Galvanically Isolated)
RS-485 (Galvanically Isolated), Half Duplex, Max. 115 kBd, Modbus RTU
Alarm Output
1 Opto Relay, R Load Min. 48Ω (Galvanically Isolated) Adjustable Within Temperature Range
Adjustable Via Interface and Software, or at Device: Emissivity, Transmissivity, Ambient 
Radiation, Response Time, Data Storage Settings, Sub Range of Measurement Output, 
Switching Thresholds of Switching Output

Power Supply
24 V DC ± 25%, Residual Ripple 500 mV
Power Consumption
Max. 1.5W (Without Load at Switching Output)
Operating Temperature
0° to 70°C (32° to 158°F)
Storage Temperature
-20° to 70°C (-4° to 158°F)
Approx. 600 grams (1 lb. 5.16 oz.)
Stainless Steel Cylindrical Housing w/Plug Connector Approx. 105mm, ø 50mm
Safety Class
IP65 According to DIN EN 60529 and DIN 40050
Test Regulation
EN 55 011: 1998, Limit Class A
CE Symbol
According to EU Regulations
Standard Equipment
PSC-G54NL/NV or PSC-S54NL/NV, Operation Manual, Inspection Sheet, PSC Spot Software, 
Without Connection Cable (Must be ordered separately)

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