pH/ ORP Free Active Chlorine Temperature Measuring & Control Instruments - KAPTA 2000

• Digital Communication: Serial RS485 Modbus RTU
• 4 - 20mA Outputs
• Measurement accuracy: ±2.5% F.S. (chlorine); ±1.0% F.S. (temperature)
• Operating temperature range: -10 to +130 degrees C
• Weight: 1 Kg
• Dimensions: 144mm x 144mm x 122.5mm
• Power Consumption: < 7 W​
• Power Rating: 100 to 240 Vac​

  • Model Number: KAPTA 2000
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • pH/ ORP Free Active Chlorine Temperature Measuring & Control Instruments
  • pH/ ORP Free Active Chlorine Temperature Measuring & Control Instruments
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Product Specification

pH/ ORP, Free Active Chlorine, Temperature Measuring & Control Instruments
chlorine (HOCl, HOBr or ClO2 ) & temperature

KAPTA 2000 Water Quality Controller General description
The KAPTA 2000 controller has been designed specifically for the industrial and water treatment markets and, coupled with the KAPTA 2000-AC2 chlorine and temperature probe, provides a rapid, accurate measurement of free chlorine.

The controller is equipped with all the key functions required to provide the user with flexibility for set-up, measurement and control of systems from simple chlorine measurement and recording right through to industrial process control and chemical dosing.

The KAPTA 2000 controller is capable of measuring chlorine, ORP, pH and temperature and is fitted with 2 current outputs, 4 relays and P.I.D. functionality allowing up to 6 external points to be measured or controlled. Operation of the controller is simple with a 128x64 pixel resolution graphic display providing continuous readout of chlorine / temperature measurement and status of the control output devices, selectable in a choice of 5 different languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish).

The controller is IP66 rated, wall mounted and equipped for RS485 serial port communication for remote monitoring and data storage. On-board software is designed for 2 point calibrations to ensure accuracy, reliable performance and sensor diagnostic information.

KAPTA 2000 Water Quality Controller Benefits
• Real-time water network monitoring
• No on-going membrane / electrolyte maintenance
• Chemical free operation

KAPTA 2000 Water Quality Controller Main features
• Amperometric sensor
• Measurement of the main disinfection species: HOCl, HOBr or ClO2
• User replaceable sensing head
• Inline monitoring at up to 10 bar pressure
• Easy conditioning
• 1 year shelf life

KAPTA 2000 Water Quality Controller Typical applications
• Water quality control
• Drinking water security
• Industrial process control
• Chemical dosing measurement and control
• RO membrane security
• Swimming pool water quality
• Cooling towers
• Fish farming

KAPTA 2000 Water Quality Controller Specifications (Controller)

General specifications
• Measurement of free chlorine or active chlorine (HOCl), temperature (PT 1000) and pH (optional)
• Simultaneous display of chlorine and temperature
• Wall mounted
• Internal flash 4 Mbit memory
• PID adjustment and control
• Serial output RS485 modbus RTU
• 2 Programmable analogue outputs
Back-lit LCD 128x64 pixel
Sensor Inputs

Analogue Inputs
Measurement and Measurement / 
Digital Communication
Serial RS485 Modbus RTU
4 - 20mA Outputs

Relay Outputs

Measurement accuracy
±2.5% F.S. (chlorine)
±1.0% F.S. (temperature)
144mm x 144mm x 122.5mm
Operating temperature range
-10 to +130 degrees C
Electrical Rating
1 Kg
Power Consumption
< 7 W
Enclosure material
ABS, Grey RAL 745 (body)
Polycarbonate, UV resistant (Frontal)
Power Rating
100 to 240 Vac

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