Piezo Ultrasonic Sensor - T/R40-14C279Z-L12-01

• Center frequency: 40±1 KHz
• Echo Sensitivity: ≥90 ​mVp-p
• Decay Time: ≤1.3​ ms
• Capacitance: 1800±15% pF (at 25℃,1KHz)​
• Mean Time To Failure: 50000​h​
• Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +85​℃​
• Storage temperature​: -40 ~ +85​℃​

  • Model Number: T/R40-14C279Z-L12-01
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Piezo Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Piezo Ultrasonic Sensor
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Product Specification

T/R40-14C279Z-L12-01 Piezo Ultrasonic Sensor Description
Piezo Ultrasonic sensor, also known as reverse radar "probe", is the core component of Parking System. It uses ultrasound to measure the distance between the vehicle and the front and rear obstructions.

T/R40-14C279Z-L12-01 Piezo Ultrasonic Sensor Applications
• Parking assist system 
• Blind zone detection

T/R40-14C279Z-L12-01 Piezo Ultrasonic Sensor Electrical Specification

Center frequency
40±1 KHz
Echo Sensitivity
≥90 mVp-p
Decay Time
≤1.3 ms
Directivity X-axis
120±15° (-6dB angle of overall sensitivity)
Directivity Y-axis
60±10° (-6dB angle of overall sensitivity)
1800±15% pF  (at 25℃,1KHz)
Allowable Maximum Input Voltage
140 Vp-p (40KHz) Pulse width 0.5ms, interval 20ms
Mean Time To Failure
Operating Temperature
-40 ~ +85
Storage temperature
-40 ~ +85

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