ToughSonic REMOTE 50 Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor - U50-REMOTE Series

• Optimum Range: 33 ft. (10 m)
• Max Range: 50 feet (15.2 m)
• Deadband: Typ. < 11 in. (303 mm)
• Temperature: -40 to 158 ℉ (-40 to 70 ℃)
• Data Output: Modbus, ASCII streaming, specials
• Humidity: 0 to 100% operating
• Type 316 stainless steel housing.
• Sealed epoxy potting for immersion protection.
• Ruggedized piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer, potted in place.
• UV resistant, potted-in, 4-wire cable.

  • Model Number: U50-REMOTE Series
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • ToughSonic REMOTE 50 Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor
  • ToughSonic REMOTE 50 Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor
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Product Specification

ToughSonic REMOTE 50 Level Sensor
Level & Distance Data Collection for Remote Monitoring

The ToughSonic REMOTE 50 is a remote liquid level sensor with a maximum range of 50 feet (15.2 meters). This digital sensor is designed for accuracyUltrasonic sensor stainless steel housing and long-term durability in remote monitoring applications. With a stainless steel housing, full epoxy potting and IP68 rating, it operates in the harshest climates. It comes equipped with Senix Lightning Guard, a system that protects both power and communications circuits from repeated electrical transients of up to 7 kilovolts.  The ToughSonic REMOTE 50 uses up to 20% less energy than the ToughSonic 50. It is fully configurable with SenixVIEW software. This sensor is mounted on bridges, piers and tanks all over the world in mission-critical remote level monitoring applications.

ToughSonic ultrasonic sensors are built Tough with:
• Type 316 stainless steel housing.
• Sealed epoxy potting for wet and dirty applications.
• Ruggedized piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer, potted in place.
• Surge protection 75% stronger than IEC-61000-4-5.
• UV resistant, potted-in, 4-wire cable.

ToughSonic ultrasonic sensors are built Smart with:
• SenixVIEW configuration and analysis software controls more than 60 performance parameters and dozens of viewing, analysis and maintenance options.
• Addressable Modbus RTU.
• ASCII or phased high-speed, multi-sensor data collection for special applications.

U50-REMOTE Series Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor Some Example Applications:
• Irrigation control
• Open channel flow
• Flood monitoring
• Agricultural machine control
• Liquid tank networks
• SCADA* level sensing
  (*Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

U50-REMOTE Series Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor Specifications

Optimum Range *

 33 ft. (10 m)

Max Range *

 50 feet (15.2 m)


 Typ. < 11 in. (303 mm)

Beam Width

 6° ±1°off axis @ -3db

Case Material

 316 stainless steel


 Stored in sensor's non-volatile memory


 -40 to 158 ℉ (-40 to 70 )

Data Output

 Modbus, ASCII streaming, specials


 0 to 100% operating


 50 kHz, Ruggedized Piezoelectric


 Selectable temperature compensation



Data Resolution

 0.0135 in. (0.344 mm) per count


 SenixVIEW PC Software


 Nominal 0.2% of range @ constant temp. Affected by target, distance, environment

Update Rate

 5 Hz (200 ms), SenixVIEW adjustable; also affected by SenixVIEW filter selections

Modbus Protocol

 Modbus RTU, 9600 to 115200 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop, no parity

ASCII Protocol

 Five ASCII distance characters followed by Carriage Return; for single sensor connections only

RS-485 Networks

 From 1 to 32 sensors can operate in an addressable multi-drop network

Ready time

 < 1 second after power application


 2m standard length, potted into sensor body, PUR with shield and drain, other lengths available


 CE, RoHS, Surge protection exceeds IEC 61000-4-5

Target Requirements


 Detects liquid surface, flat or curved objects. Surface must reflect ultrasound to sensor

Distance Ranges (*)

 Affected by size, shape, orientation of target (sound level reflected back to sensor), environment 

 Restrict use to Optimum Range when using over a wide range of environmental conditions


 Sensor should be oriented perpendicular to liquid surface for maximum reflection


 Unaffected by target color, light, transparency or other optical characteristics

U50-REMOTE Series Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor Connections




Power (**)


 10-30 VDC @ 55 mA max;Typical 36 mA @ 24 VDC



 Power & interface common

RS-232 out RS-485-


 Serial data connection (depends on model)

RS-232 in RS-485+


 Serial data connection (depends on model)

(**) Continuous measurements at default interval. Minimum 15 VDC input for optimum sensitivity.

U50-REMOTE Series Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor Part Numbers

Model Number



 Sensor with serial RS-232 interface (limited to single sensor connections)


 Sensor with serial RS-485 interface (allows addressable multi-sensor networks)

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