Ultrasonic Rangefinder - UM0090

• Measuring range​: 17~300cm (object: flat surface)​
• Frequency​: 58kHz​
• Resolution​: <1cm​
• Response time​: <1ms​
• Power-up delay​: ≤1s​
• Blind zone​: 17cm​
• Operating temperature​: -40~+80 ℃​
• Relative humidity​: ≤95% (No condensation)​

  • Model Number: UM0090
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Ultrasonic Rangefinder
  • Ultrasonic Rangefinder
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Product Specification

UM0090 Ultrasonic Rangefinder Introduction
The UM0090 module is based on an ultrasonic sensor that combines transmitter and receiver in a single unit. By measuring the time of flight of ultrasonic wave, it can detect any object within 3 meters and output distance signals via UART interface.

This product features high sensitivity, fast response, and excellent anti-interference ability and stability. It is widely applied in object avoidance systems on robots, drones, and other smart devices.

UM0090 Ultrasonic Rangefinder Features
• Compact design for easy installation
• Measuring range up to 3M
• Excellent anti-interference ability
• Can detect objects of various colors, shapes and materials

UM0090 Ultrasonic Rangefinder Applications
• Robots
• Smart streetlight
• Smart trash bin
• Autonomous delivery vehicle

UM0090 Ultrasonic Rangefinder Technical Parameters

Measuring range
17~300cm (object: flat surface)
Response time
Power-up delay
Blind zone
Output Format
Measured distance via serial port (unit: cm)
Trigger mode
Low level pulse, pulse width≥50us
Rated Operating Conditions
Working environment
Operating temperature
-40~+80 ℃
Storage temperature
-40~+85 ℃
Relative humidity
≤95% (No condensation)
Power Supply
Power supply voltage
Working current

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