Differential Pressure Sensor - MDM290

• Pressure Range: ≤1bar, ≤35bar
• Power Supply: ≤ 2.0mA DC / ≤ 10V DC
• Diameter: Φ19mm
• Height: 26mm
• Non-Linearity (Typ.): ±0.15%FS
• Other Options: DP Sensor

  • Model Number: MDM290
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • Differential Pressure Sensor
  • Differential Pressure Sensor
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Product Specification

MDM290 Differential Pressure Sensor Introduction

    MDM290 piezoresistive differential pressure sensor is OEM differential pressure sensor with stainless steel isolated diaphragm. It has integrated construction, high static pressure, high stablity and good reliability. The high and low pressure sides are protected by isolated diaphragm. It can be used for measuring corrosive and conductive fluid media. The measured differential pressure is transmitted onto the die through the diaphragm and filling silicon oil so that the sensor could measure differential pressure precisely. The sensor is tested automatically, and compensated zero and temperature performance with provided resistors. The installation dimension is consistent with general products which makes the sensor has a good interchangeability. It is widely used for industrial process control and differential pressure measure fields, etc.


MDM290 Differential Pressure Sensor Electric Performance

Power supply: 2.0mA DC; 10V DC

Electrical connection: 100mm silicon rubber flexible wires

Common mode voltage input: 50% of input (typ.)

Input impedance: 3kΩ ~ 8kΩ

Output impedance: 3.5kΩ ~ 6kΩ

Response (10% ~ 90%): <1ms

Insulation resistor: 100MΩ, 100VDC

Overpressure: refer to Order Guide

Max. static pressure: 20MPa

Zero drift/static pressure: 0.5mV/MPa


MDM290 Differential Pressure Sensor Electric Features

Pressure range: 0kPa ~ 35kPa3.5MPa

Constant current/constant voltage power supply

Isolated construction, possible to various fluid media

OEM differential pressure sensor

Stainless steel 316L

High static pressure 20MPa

1.5 times overpressure


MDM290 Differential Pressure Sensor Application 

Industrial process control

Differential pressure measurement

Gas, liquid pressure measure

Pressure checking meter

Pressure calibrator

Ventura and eddy-current flow meter


MDM290 Differential Pressure Sensor Specification





















Zero output





FS output





Zero thermal error




%FS, @25

Span thermal error




%FS, @25

Compensated temp. range

0 ~ 50

Working temp. range

-40 ~ 125

Storage temp. range

-40 ~ 125

Long-term stability





*testing at basic condition


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