SMARTEYE COLORMARK ll Registration Mark Sensors - CMS Series

• Supply Voltage: 12 to 24 VDC
• Current Requirements: 85 mA (exclusive of load)
• Ambient Temperature: -40°C to 70°C
• Light state response: 50 microseconds
• Dark state response: 140 microseconds
• Leading edge variation: less than 20 microseconds

  • Model Number: CMS Series
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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  • SMARTEYE COLORMARK ll Registration Mark Sensors
  • SMARTEYE COLORMARK ll Registration Mark Sensors
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Product Specification

SMARTEYE COLORMARK ll Registration Mark Sensors Description
The SMARTEYE COLORMARK ll Registration Mark Sensors combine unique color perception ability with very high speed response. Many important features have been incorporated into the design to meet the increasing demand for precision registration control on today’s higher speed packaging machinery.  It provides extended operating ranges, enhanced background suppression and the elimination of saturation problems.

The specific task of a photoelectric registration mark detector is to respond to printed registration marks on packaging material as they pass through the sensor's light beam. The output of the sensor must switch when the mark arrives precisely in position for the control function to occur. The resolution of the exact location of each passing registration mark is keynote to ensure that the initiation of the electromechanical response triggered by the sensor is in synchronization with the arrival of the mark.

SMARTEYE COLORMARK ll Registration Mark Sensors Features
• Built-in Connectors
• Waterproof Housings
• Clutch Knob Adjustment (Offset/EDR ® )
• Unique 10 LED Contrast Indicator
• Addition of EDR ® "Enhanced Dynamic Range" - eliminates hot spot glare effects. Works on the shiniest materials, including foils.
• Optional Pulse Stretcher guarantees a minimum of 10 milliseconds output- ample time for visual LED verification and for the control to respond.
• Choice of light source – green, red, blue, or white.

SMARTEYE COLORMARK ll Registration Mark Sensors Benefits
• Minimizes downtime
• Flexible and accommodating for a variety of registration materials and marks
• Easily adjusted for optimum performance
• Very accurate and repeatable with unnoticeable migration from start up to full speed
• High Quality and High Reliability

SMARTEYE COLORMARK ll Registration Mark Sensors Specifications

• 12 to 24 VDC
• Polarity Protected
• 85 mA (exclusive of load)
• (1) NPN and (1) PNP output transistor
• NPN: Sink up to 150 mA
• PNP: Source up to 150 mA
• Momentary short circuit protected
• Output transistors turn “ON” when mark is in view
• Anti-pulsing on power-up
• Minimum duration of input event:
  Light state response: 50 microseconds
  Dark state response: 140 microseconds
  Leading edge variation: less than 20 microseconds
• Less than 400 millivolts for maximum sensitivity and resolution
• Choice of color:
  A. White - Broadband Spectrum (CMSWL)
  B. Green - 550 nm (CMS)
  C. Blue - 480 nm (CMSB)
  D. Red - 660 nm (CMSR)
• Pulse modulated to provide extremely high immunity to ambient light
• Provides minimum of 10 milliseconds output duration
• Sets initial level on Contrast Indicator in relation to mid-scale switch point of 5 – functions as sensitivity adjustment
• Controls Enhanced Dynamic Range circuit (EDR) which functions to avoid glare effect
• Dark position for dark mark; Light position for light mark
• OUTPUT INDICATOR - Red LED illuminates when output transistors are "ON"
• EDR INDICATOR – Intensity of Green LED provides indication of where in the dynamic operating range the offset / EDR adjustment has been set
  FULLY LIT: Operating near saturation
  OFF: Operating near maximum sensing range
• CONTRAST INDICATOR –Displays returned contrasting light levels (background vs. mark)
• -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
• Chemical resistant, high impact polycarbonate housing
• Waterproof, ratings: NEMA 4X, 6P and IP67
• Epoxy encapsulated for mechanical strength

SMARTEYE COLORMARK ll Registration Mark Sensors Modles & Ranges

Select Sensor Model based on LED light source required:

    CMS = Green
    CMSR = Red
    CMSB = Blue
    CMSWL = White

2. Select Pulse Stretcher required:
    -1B = 10ms Pulse Stretcher
    -2B = No Pulse Stretcher
    -2BT = with toggle switch

3. Select Optical Block based on mode of sensing required:
    F1 - Fiberoptic
          Range: 1/4" to 3/8" Proximity Mode
                      1/2" to 3" Opposed Mode
    V1G - 1" V-Axis Glass Lens
              Range: 1"

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